Remote Control - connection between viewer and agent

Remote Acess Plus lets you instantly connect to any machine in your network on-demand. The connection between the viewer and agent happens in two ways,

  1. Through the Gateway port - 7333 or 7444.
  2. Direct Connection between agent and viewer.

Connection between viewer and agent via Gateway port

The remote communication between the agent and the remote control viewer happens via the gateway port (default port: 7333 & 7444) as given in the below diagram. In this case, all the connections from initiating the remote session to communication between viewer and agents is through the gateway port. 


Direct connection between viewer and agent 

In direct connection, the initial handshake between the agent and viewer happens via the Gateway port and the remaining communication happens directly as given in the below diagram. In order to enable direct connection, allow UDP communication in your network for gateway port (Default port: 7333). Also, ensure your agent and viewer machines have UDP communication enabled. Additionally, for voice and video call, the agent and the caller communicates using this direct connection. Direct connection is applicable only for Windows agents.


Benefits of direct connection

  • Reduces the bandwidth consumption.
  • Less latency for remote connection.
  • Reduces CPU and memory usage in the server.