Remote Access Plus Server Security

In today's world of disastrous data breaches and cyber-attacks, it is crucial to secure your web-servers from vulnerabilities. Remote Access Plus has no room for such vulnerabilities and lets you master all your security settings under one roof. This document will help you understand the importance of each such setting.

From your Remote Access Plus server, navigate to Admin tab -> Security Settings where you can find the security levels of your Remote Access Plus server.

 It is always recommended to have your Remote Access Plus server 100% secure.

The basic modes of any vulnerability in general happens via,

  1. Insecure Login
  2. Un-encrypted Communication

With Remote Access Plus - Security Settings, you can stay vigilant against these vulnerabilities and configure your secured login and communications.

Securing Remote Access Plus Login

Here, you have various options to batten your Remote Access Plus login with the following options,

  1. Enable Secured Login - To enable HTTPS
  2. Use Third Party SSL Certificate - To encrypt your passwords
  3. Set a Complex Password
  4. Remove the default admin account
  5. Restrict the users from stopping Remote Access Plus agent service or uninstalling it.

Securing Remote Access Plus Communication

  1. Secure the communication between your Remote Access Plus server and agents.
  2. Secure the communications happening while remotely controlling a computer or transferring files.
  3. Disable the older versions of TLS used.

     This will prevent you from managing computers running legacy OS - Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008.