Configuring Server Settings

Under Admin tab -> Server Settings, you can find various settings to configure your Remote Access Plus Server.

  1. Start Remote Access Plus automatically on machine boot-up - To initiate your server on every system bootup.
  2. Launch Client upon Successful Server Start-up - To open the client whenever the Remote Access Plus server has started.
  3. Automatically send logs for diagnosis - To automatically send selective logs to Remote Access Plus support for instant technical assistance
  4. Send Remote Access Plus Usage Statistics - Enable this if you wish to allow Remote Access Plus to collect information on the usage levels of the product which will be used as a feedback to enhance the product and user experience.
  5. Trim Column Values in Reports - To remove the unwanted space in the column values while generating reports.
  6. Notification Server Port - To change the default Notification Server port (Port - 8027 used to notify the agents on the on-demand operations).
  7. Default Domain for Authentication - To choose between local and Active Directory authentication methods.
  8. Notification Settings - Specify the e-mail to which you want to be notified on various alerts from the product.