System Manager and Wake on LAN settings

This article will guide through the steps to customise System Manager and Wake on LAN settings

System Manager Settings

System Manager includes a set of 12 tools to let you remotely meet every troubleshooting need. This includes tools like file manager, that lets technician access business critical data. Considering security as the major concern, System Manager settings lets you restrict technician from accessing certain tools. You can configure this settings from Admin tab -> Tool Settings -> System Manager Settings

Note: With System Manager settings, you can enable/disable specific tools to technicians. If you choose to Permanently disable the tool for all the users. Then, any user including administrators cannot revert the settings. You will have to contact Remote Access Plus support to revert it.

Wake on LAN Settings

The basic pre-requisite to remotely turn network computers on is to have the BIOS Settings for Wake on LAN enabled. This can be achieved from Admin tab -> Wake on LAN Settings. You can also define the time interval to check the Wake on LAN task status and configure the Wake on LAN port.