Prompting users before sharing his/her laptop

Remote Access Plus is completely HIPAA compliant which means you can make the end-user to be the deciding authority to grant access while establishing a remote control session. You can even prompt a request message explaining the necessity of the remote connection where the user can choose to accept/reject the initiated session.
The following steps will help you configure Remote Access Plus to prompt user before sharing his/her desktop.

  1. From Remote Access application, navigate to Settings tab -> Session Confirmation and enable User Confirmation.
  2. You can even choose to prompt the confirmation message in locked and logged off computers.
  3. Specify the Time out value in seconds (default being 60 seconds). Remote control connection will be established if the user accepts connection within the time value specified and gets terminated automatically, if there is no user response.
  4. Specify the Prompt Message that you want the user to see while you are trying to establish Remote Control.