Mac Remote Desktop Software

Mac remote desktop software is becoming increasingly important for enterprises with Mac computers and laptops. With the rise of remote work, IT administrators and organizations need secure remote access to troubleshoot issues, handle work emergencies, and check the status of remote workstations. To support remote collaborations, the software must offer seamless remote connections across operating systems. It's rare to find software that supports Mac remote access, but with Remote Access Plus, you can securely access Mac computers with just one click.

Remote Desktop Software for Mac

Remote Access Plus is an enterprise remote troubleshooting solution built on a client-server architecture to help IT administrators resolve complex problems with advanced remote control features. It provides a variety of resources to ensure Mac remote desktop management is hassle-free.

Here are several useful features that make Remote Access Plus the go-to solution for Mac remote desktop management:

Key features of Remote Access Plus- The best Mac Remote Access Software:

Integrated voice/video/text chat support

With the convenience of one-tap chat, you can interact with the end users any time during a remote session to exchange key information. This lets technicians address problems and provide solutions more efficiently.

Chat option in Mac remote desktop connection

Collaborative troubleshooting

Teamwork can solve problems, however complex they are. Mac remote control with Remote Access Plus provides the option to instantly collaborate with other technicians to resolve an issue while in a remote session.

Enhanced security and privacy

Remote Access Plus is built on the core philosophy of providing secure and reliable remote access to organizations. Features include Notify end users about remote connection, Blacken the monitor of the client computer, and the support of 128-bit AES encryption to ensure that user privacy isn't compromised.

Remote file manager

One of the primary purposes of remote access is to transfer files or folders from or to a remote computer. Every remote access solution comes with a basic file transfer feature. However, Remote Access Plus is a modern remote desktop solution that includes both basic file transfer features as well as several enhanced features, such as role-based file access, bulk file transfer, option to create, rename or delete files and folders without having to share screens, and more.

Transfer & manage files in Mac remote desktop software

Cross-Platform Support

Most organizations have devices that run on different operating systems. So it is essential to choose a remote access software that supports cross-platform compatibility. For example, you might have to remotely troubleshoot a mac device but your device is running on Windows and ensuring cross-platform compatibility is the best way to solve the problem remotely.

How to remotely access another Mac?

Whether accessing a Mac desktop remotely or another desktop from your Mac, Remote Access Plus helps you troubleshoot endpoints no matter what the OS platform.

Here's how you can initiate a Mac desktop remote access connection with Remote Access Plus in three simple steps:

Step 1: Setting up Remote Access Plus

  • The first step is to set up Remote Access Plus by downloading the on-premises solution.
  • Sign up incase of cloud edition.

With either option, Remote Access Plus can be set up easily using a simple and user-friendly interface.

Step 2: Adding workgroups and domains

The next step is adding work groups or domains.

  • Once the application is downloaded, Remote Access Plus fetches all the domains and workgroups available in the network under Admin tab > Computer settings > Domains > Discovered domains.
  • You can either add from the Auto-discovered Domains or manually search domains from Admin > Scope of Management > Domains > Add Domain.
  • You can auto-discover workgroups or manually search for them in a similar process from Admin > Scope of Management > Workgroups > Add Workgroup.
  • Now install light weight agent on the Mac computer you wish to remotely access. Follow this link for steps.

Step 3: Initiating Mac remote desktop connection

  • The final step is to ensure the TCP ports are configured as detailed in the steps in the "prerequisites" section of this webpage.
  • Then, you can establish a new remote desktop connection via the home page of the web console by entering the name of the computer in the search field.
  • If you have recently established a remote connection with the computer, you can navigate to the "Recent sessions" view to easily access it again.

FAQs about Mac Remote Access Software

1. What is a Mac Remote Desktop?

Mac Remote Desktop is a software that will give you the ability to remotely access a Mac device and troubleshoot problems from anywhere. Not just from a computer you will be able to access a Mac OS machine from any device irrespective of platform.

2. What does a Mac remote desktop software do?

Mac remote desktop will render and display the entire Mac device that is physically unreachable. You will get full control over the endpoint and be able to perform actions on the Mac remote desktop as though it's right in front of you.

3. Is there a remote desktop in Mac?

Yes, Mac has it's own remote desktop software but that will not let you access and control remote device of different flavors like Windows and Linux. To manage and troubleshoot various flavors of OS from a unified comprehensive dashboard, check out Remote Access Plus.

4. Why do you need a Mac remote desktop software?

MacOS is the second most popular operating system in the world after Microsoft Windows, with a market share of about 9%. It's known for its clean interface and reliability, which is why many businesses rely on it for their critical operations.

However, managing a network of Mac computers in an organization can be a daunting task due to software compatibility issues. Luckily, Remote Access Plus has a remote desktop feature that can connect to computers of all operating systems, making it easy to manage your network of Macs and stay productive. Try it out for free!

5. Can I connect to Mac desktops from Windows/Linux?

Yes, you can remotely access Mac computer from Windows or Linux devices seamlessly with Remote Access Plus.

6. Is accessing Mac remotely safe?

Remote Access Plus is coupled with MFA, SSO and other authentication algorithms. In addition to that, data transferred during remote session and product server are highly encrypted & secured. Know more

7. Is Mac remote access software free?

You can access up to 10 Mac devices without paying by subscribing to our free edition. You need not have the fear of missing out, all advanced features and enhancements will be available in this edition. Explore

8. How does Mac remote access work?

End-user machine "Mac remote device" will capture it's screen and display it on the viewer machine. Any operation performed by the viewer will be transferred and reflected on the Mac remote device.

9. How to use remote desktop on Mac?

All you need to do is install a light weight component on your Mac device, then you will have the power to access and control the endpoint from anywhere anytime. Click here for detailed steps.

10. What are the benefits of Mac remote access software?

  • Troubleshoot problems a Mac device from anywhere.
  • Increase productivity of an organization by reducing troubleshooting time.
  • Seamlessly access files in Mac device.
  • Bridge the gap between incompatibility and different operating systems.
  • Troubleshooting Mac devices can be complex. With Mac Remote Desktop, record the remote session and educate the new technicians to handle the situation.

11. How to choose the right Mac remote access software?

  • The Mac remote desktop software must be coupled with advanced security features.
  • Cross platform support is a must.
  • You must be able to initiate multiple remote sessions at the same time.
  • Mac OS including Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina and other major operating systems must be supported.