Power Options

As enterprises and their IT infrastructures continue to grow rapidly, computers have become an integral part in many aspects of enterprise productivity. Remote Access Plus provides insight into all the computers and active users within your corporate network.

Granular Details on network computers

Gain insightful information about any network computer, including its domain, IP address, MAC address, and logged on users.

Wake on LAN

While trying to troubleshoot a particular computer, you may need to wake powered-off computers to kick-start your troubleshooting process. You can't always walk up to these computers and power them on manually each time, especially if the machine is at a different location. In such cases, Wake on LAN comes in handy; you can instantly wake computers within the same or different subnet.

Remote Shutdown

Too many enterprises waste money running computers outside of work hours, including nights and weekends. With Remote Access Plus, you can effectively bring down your operating costs by remotely powering down machines, even in bulk.