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Remote access software is an essential troubleshooting tool for IT administrators. It enables them to quickly resolve IT issues, even for remote or roaming users, from any location. With this software, administrators can access end-user devices outside of the corporate network and efficiently troubleshoot problems. Stay on top of evolving IT needs by leveraging remote access software capabilities.

Remote Access Plus is a secure remote support software with user conformation to comply with policies like HIPPA, 2 factor authentication and single sign on. Quickly rescue your enterprise computers with the best remote access software, available now on android and iOS devices!

 Remote Access Software

Key Features of Remote Access Software

Access & troubleshoot seamlessly

Administrators have to rescue not just one but multiple IT employees who face technical problems. Most importantly it is required to troubleshoot these problems within a very short period of time. By remotely accessing the device the admins can troubleshoot the problems immediately in a short span of time.

Securely transfer files

Sharing highly important license or organization files via mail or other means of communication can be risky. With the help of remote file transfer option administrators can securely and quickly send the files to end user regardless of its size.

Shutdown and save energy

An IT organization spends more on power consumption rather than development. The best way to reduce this expense is it power of the devices when they are not in use. With the help of Remote Shutdown feature administrators can shutdown remote computers from anywhere anytime. It is also possible to schedule these remote shutdowns to happen automatically after patch or software updates. Hence the administrators need not waste time on redundant task and organizations can reduce their power expense.

Record it for the future

Few troubleshooting problems might be complex which has to be educated to the new administrators. In that case recording the remote troubleshooting sessions and sharing it across will help everyone get an idea on how to handle the complicated situation. Not just the video recordings even the chat histories can be converted into reports and used for audit purposes.

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How to remotely access desktops using Remote Access Plus?

Setting up and initiating remote access is an easy process when using Remote Access Plus software. There are two methods by which you can initiate remote session using Remote Access Plus:

  • First install the Remote Access Plus server and download agents in the end user devices.
  • Now open the Remote Access Plus web console.
  • You will be able to search for your device from the home page. To make this process easy favorite and recent sessions will be listed out in this view.
  • Free Remote Access Software
  • Click on the Connect button corresponding to the device to initiate remote session.
  • Even without initiating remote session from this view you will be able to access the device diagnostic tools by clicking System Manager.
  • You can also navigate to Tools -> Remote Control then initiate remote session from here by clicking on Connect button.
  • Best Remote Access Software

Looking for the best free remote access software?

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus lets you securely access and troubleshoot computers that are in and out of your corporate network. If your hunt is for an easy to use remote access tool, then Remote Access Plus is here with top-notch features.

Don't lose time setting-up

With an approachable and user-friendly interface, setting up Remote Access Plus is as easy as ABC. You can kick start your troubleshooting routines at lightning speed.

Get your next-gen remote control

Remote Access Plus comes with a powerful remote desktop sharing with plethora of in-built features to switch between multiple monitors connected to remote computer, send and receive files, blacken remote monitor and more.

Talk to end-users in just clicks

Remote Access Plus comes with voice, video and text chat support that lets you directly interact with the end-users. This way you can understand the issue that is hindering their productivity and guide them in every troubleshooting step.

Troubleshoot issues together

Troubleshooting is a team game. Remote Access Plus lets you instantly collaborate with other technicians for help when you experience hitches while remotely resolving issues.

Opt for the inexpensive

Expensive doesn't always mean feature-rich. Remote Access Plus is available in three editions at the prices you can afford. Not just that, we have an edition that provides you free remote access forever for 10 computers.

Cross-Platform Support

In your organization, end users might be using devices that run on Windows, Mac or even Linux operating systems, such as, Ubuntu. Hence it is important to choose a remote access software that ensures troubleshooting mechanisms are still functioning properly by having cross-platform compatibility. Using Remote Access Plus, you can troubleshoot remote devices that are running on all three major flavors of the operating systems, that is, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

FAQs about Free Remote Access Software

What is remote access software?

Remote access software is a centralized solution that helps IT techs to instantly tap into any remote computer, employ various diagnostic tools and resolve issues without having to move away from their desk.

Why do you need a Remote Access Software?

As an IT administrator, are you overwhelmed with troubleshooting requests and struggling to keep end-users satisfied? Using multiple tools to access and troubleshoot computers, making your job more difficult? If so, a remote access software may be the solution you need. With this comprehensive solution, you can easily access and troubleshoot remote computers, streamline your IT support and improve end-user satisfaction.

How does a remote access software work?

Remote access software uses different communication models to establish remote connections, including Client-Server and Peer-to-Peer.

Client-Server Model: A client application is installed on each client machine, and the technician can remotely access and control these machines from a central server.

Peer-to-Peer communication: It has no hierarchical privilege system, allowing any user to take control of any other device on the same network with end user confirmation. Both models use encryption, usually through a VPN, to enhance security.

Working of remote access software:

Remote desktop access tools create a connection between the viewer and the remote computer over a network or internet. Once authenticated, the technician gains complete control over the remote computer and can perform various troubleshooting operations, including transferring files/folders and employing diagnostic tools. Simplify remote access and enhance your IT support with remote access software.

Is remote access software free?

Yes, Remote Access Plus is a free remote access solution to manage 10 endpoints with all features. If you need to manage more computers explore the different editions available and choose the one that best fits your business environment.

Is remote access software safe?

If you have proper authentication protocols, encryption algorithms and technician level restrictions configured, then remote access software are safe. Remote Access Plus is a bundled solution with all these capabilities. Learn more

Benefits of the remote support software

  • A remote support software will make troubleshooting IT computers seamless.
  • The communication barrier between administrators and the roaming users will be addressed.
  • More than one support technician can collaborate and fix the issue.
  • Distance will not be a problem any more.
  • More computer can be rescued in a short span of time.

How to choose the best Remote Access Software?

Enterprises require a fully functional cohesive tool that can troubleshoot computers without impacting end-users' productivity. Here are a few things to consider while choosing your remote access tool.

Comprehensive control

The wisest step to take towards seamless troubleshooting is to get to the root of the problem. Your remote access tool should provide absolute control over the client computers and let you employ diagnostic tools without any hiccups.

Collaborative efforts

While troubleshooting complex situations, you may need help in pin pointing the cause of the issue. The most appropriate technique is collaborative problem solving. Your remote access tool should let you collaborate with other technicians while you are in a remote session.

Better communication

While trying to remotely resolve an issue, the information gap inferred with the technician's ability to take rational decisions. The best remote access software should let the technician instantly interact with the end-user.

Privacy and security

Data security has always been the top concern when it comes to remote access tools as there is a free flow of personal data. Your remote management tool should let you implement security programs to prevent data leaks.

Audit-Ready reports

Is your technicians ’ response fast and accurate enough? A good remote access software will provide the metrics you need to measure the performance so you can learn where to improve.

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