What is Remote Access? : A Complete Overview

Remote Access as the name defines will let you reach out and access a device that is not physically in front of you. Especially it is a valuable feature when it comes to troubleshooting enterprise computers. You will have the ability to remotely access and perform operations like remote shutdown, wake on LAN, file transfer etc with a remote access software.

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What is Remote Access?

What is Remote Access?

Remote access means, the ability to perform troubleshooting operations or simply access files and software in a computer that is out of your reach. It will seamlessly let the end users to connect to a remote computer and perform operations as though the device is right in front of them. VPN a type of remote connection that is insecure, confusing to set up and restrict the level of access. When it comes to enterprise and corporate organizations it is advisable to look out for easy to use and secure remote access tools.

How does remote access work?

Remote access simply works by linking the remote user to the host computer over the internet. It does not require any additional hardware to do so. Instead, it requires remote access software to be downloaded and installed on both the local and remote computers. Once the software is installed, the local computer can access the remote computer and perform several tasks like running applications, managing updates, and even handling administrative tasks.

Why do enterprises need Remote Access?

For businesses, remote access can maximize efficiency and boost employee productivity. By the year 2027, almost 50 percent of the US workforce is expected to be working remotely. With this many making the switch to remote work, it is essential to have a proper remote PC access solution in place to maintain business continuity.

Here are some of the reasons why every enterprise needs remote access software.

  1. Troubleshooting remote computers

    Most times, having to fix a computer requires a technician, an IT administrator in this case, to be physically present to diagnose the system. If the employee is working remotely, getting the problem solved can be a pain in the neck. With remote access, IT administrators can easily connect to any employee's computer anywhere in the world to access the target computer and diagnose the problem.

  2. Accessing important documents remotely

    In this era of mobile workforces, where employees get their work done with smart devices on-the-go, setting up remote access is a must. This lets employees access their work computer from their personal devices without being on the office premises.

What are the types of Remote Access?

Based on the requirements and use case there are different types of remote access workflow available:

VPN Access

Organizations generally would not let employees access corporate files or websites when they are in public network. But this would be a hindrance for remote workforce. VPN or virtual private network is the best work around that would enable users to access organization files and sensitive sites even when they are out of corporate network.

Common Remote Access Protocols

Next to VPN, we have basic remote access protocols like RDP, VNC and SSH. These protocols are mostly in-built with the OS by the vendors like Windows remote desktop connection. You will get the power to remotely operate laptops and desktops with basic credentials, if the configurations and settings meet certain pre-requisites.

Remote Desktop Tools

Software like Remote Access Plus are exclusively tailor made solutions that act as a cloud as well as on-premise software to remotely access, troubleshoot and extend support to remote computers. These software are widely used by support technicians, system administrators and IT technicians in small and large scale enterprise to operate on customer or employee device and fix IT problems in a matter of minutes.

Is Remote Access Safe?

A question that always pop's up when you try to remotely access devices "Is it SAFE?" And the right answer is "YES" if you pick a secure remote access software. Remote access is a sensitive area that needs to satisfy various corporate policies and law. Hence when choosing your solution ensure it is built with enhanced security protocols.

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Is Remote Access free?

You can remotely access and perform actions on 10 endpoints at free of cost with Remote Access Plus. The package includes access to all the features available in the product, there are no restrictions! The product is available in different editions:

  • 30-day free trial : Manage unlimited endpoints
  • Free edition : Manage 10 endpoints
  • Standard : Starts at $75
  • Professional : Starts at $95

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COVID-19 and the world's largest work-from-home experiment

With the rapid escalation of COVID-19, organizations around the world have started adapting work-from-home as their new norm. According to recent reports, two-thirds of the 4.3 million IT employees in India have gone remote in light of COVID-19. Ensuring operational readiness, remote workforce support and connectivity in these increasingly tough times can be a challenging task.

However, the biggest challenge when it comes to remote work lies in handling the inefficiencies brought about by the bottlenecks in troubleshooting remote PCs. This is where remote access really helps. Good remote access software not only boosts employee productivity, but also ensures business continuity. It can help IT technicians tap in to any remote computer instantly and resolve issues in a jiff.

How to use remote access?

Scenario 1: Resolve helpdesk tickets right from your place

Get control over the employees computer right from your seat and perform troubleshooting operations. This way you can reduce the turn around time for resolving helpdesk tickets.

Scenario 2: Silently monitor employees activities

Measure your employees working performance by silently monitoring their activities. This way you can improve productivity and make sure the employees are on track!

Scenario 3: Collaborate with multiple technicians and work

Invite you team mates, collaborate with elite technicians and work on your project together or troubleshoot problem on endpoints even when you are not in the same geographic location.

Scenario 4: Get control over endpoints left unattended

Are you and the endpoint physically away and is it in a place with no one around? Remotely access the device and perform any action in it right from your seat with unattended support.

Scenario 5: Access your device on the move

A single tap on your mobile device will let you view and control your endpoint in office. You can go on vacations and still make sure your endpoint is always reachable from anywhere!

Benefits of Remote Access

An enterprise administrator will benefit a lot with remote access feature. Few of them are listed below:

  • Mac, Windows and Linux remote troubleshooting is simplified.
  • The performance and productivity of organization will improve.
  • The time taken to fix IT problems will reduce.
  • Transfer confidential files securely.
  • Have the ability to view multiple monitors from a single dashboard.
  • Perform sensitive operations like using credentials and license keys by hiding screen to end user.
  • Initiate remote sessions and troubleshoot on the go from mobile phones as well.
  • Secure and flexible remote assistance. 

How to choose the right remote access solution?

Although the concept of remote access has stood the test of time, with its initial release in the year 2006, the basic functionalities have remained the same: troubleshooting remote PCs and accessing files remotely. However, the way remote access has evolved is in how these functions are delivered. Modern remote access software offers basic remote access capabilities with a host of side features like extensive reports, chat support, and bolstered security.

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus is a modern remote access solution that lets users access and troubleshoot Windows, Mac and Linux computers remotely in a secure manner. This way, employee productivity will be unhindered without having to compromise on data security. Here are some top-notch features that make Remote Access Plus the best fit for any enterprise.

  1. Secure remote access solution

    Security must always be a top priority when looking out for new software. Ensure file transfers and remote sessions established follows high end security protocols. It would be more convenient if the software has 2FA, SSO and other secured sign in options.

  2. Collaborative problem solving

    Troubleshooting some complex issues might require an extra hand. Remote Access Plus lets users collaborate with other technicians to resolve an issue while in a remote session.

  3. Powerful remote control

    Remote Access Plus' next-gen remote control provides a host of options like blackening the monitor, sending and receiving files between the host and target user, switching between multiple monitors connected to remote PC, and more.

  4. Types of Remote Access
  5. Advanced communication tools

    Communication is the key to understanding any problem. This is why Remote Access Plus offers voice, video, and text chat support that lets technicians directly communicate with end users to resolve issues.

  6. Benefits of Remote Access
  7. Enhanced privacy

    Remote access can be a double-edged sword to enterprises using it. With ever growing threats in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), cybersecurity has become a top concern. This is why Remote Access Plus comes with data privacy and security as its core mantra, which is reflected in features like recording remote sessions, prompting user confirmation for each session, and idle session timeout.

  8. Simple and easy user interface

    Good remote access software must also offer a neat and easy-to-use user interface (UI) that makes navigation a cake walk. Remote Access Plus, with its simple and intuitive UI, offers a clean experience and lets technicians focus on things that matter.

Remote Access Plus comes at unbelievable prices, too. Starting at just $6.25 a month, it offers the most bang for your IT buck. Avail a free, 30-day trial and enjoy unlimited 256 bit AES encrypted remote sessions.