Remote Desktop Sharing Software

Remote desktop sharing software is an essential tool for IT admins for managing and troubleshooting remote desktops from anywhere. With this software, a technician can see and control the target computer's screen from their own PC. Remote Access Plus provides all the necessary remote control features, including switch tab buttons, multi monitor support and more, to make troubleshooting easy and hassle-free. With this powerful remote desktop screen sharing, you can remotely control Windows, Linux, and Mac computers in and out of your corporate network.

Remote Desktop Sharing

Key Features of Remote Screen Sharing Software

Resolve issues at a lightning speed. The Demand for IT support is skyrocketed in every enterprise. With that being said, your IT technicians should be able to access computers in any location and time zone. This is where the remote desktop connection software comes handy.

Remote Access Plus is a complete web-based remote desktop connection tool that uses a HTML5 RDP client. You can safe guard this web console with strong password and let only authorized technicians to instantly access, diagnose and troubleshoot computers that are located anywhere, anytime.

File Transfer

Easily transfer any file or folder, regardless of its size or format, with our flexible remote file transfer capability. Get your files where they need to go in no time!

Multi Monitor support

Is your end user's computer connected to multiple monitors? Remote Access Plus makes it easy to access them all remotely with our advanced remote screen sharing software. Our software automatically detects all connected monitors the moment you establish a remote connection. Give it a try today and experience seamless remote access! Know more

Remote Screen Sharing Software

Integrated Chat

To solve a problem, you first need to understand what's causing it. With Remote Access Plus, a powerful remote desktop tool, you can communicate with end users using text, voice, or video calls to quickly get to the root of the issue. Gain more background information faster with this comprehensive capability.

Share Remote Desktop Screens

Record Remote Sessions

Never lose track of your remote sessions again! With our Remote Access Plus, you can easily record all your sessions for audit routines or educational reasons. We support different levels of video quality to record your sessions based on requirements and storage available.

Resume remote sessions on system reboot

Easily resume your remote screen sharing sessions after a system reboot, even if troubleshooting requires multiple reboots. No need to worry about re-initiating the session each time - Remote Access Plus will automatically resume it for you.

Blacken End User Monitor / Disable Inputs

With Remote Access Plus, you have full control over remote computers. You can even blackout the screen and disable mouse and keyboard inputs during your remote session. Try it now for complete control and flexibility.

Is user privacy a priority for you? Request the end user's stamp of approval before initiating a remote session, and require technicians to provide a reason for connecting to employees' computers.

Collaborative Troubleshooting

Collaboration is key to solving problems quickly. With Remote Access Plus, you can invite other technicians to join your remote desktop session and help pinpoint the cause of any issues. Together, you'll find solutions faster and get back to work in no time.

Cross-platform Support

Looking for a flexible remote desktop sharing software that allows you to access devices across various operating systems, even from your mobile device? Remote Access Plus has got you covered! With its easy-to-use mobile app, you can access Windows, Mac, or Linux devices seamlessly. Plus, you can troubleshoot issues faster, reducing your downtime significantly.

How to share screen on remote desktop connection?

To share your screen using Remote Access Plus you will need do the following steps:

  • Download Remote Access Plus agent in the end user devices you wish to screen share. In the web console navigate to Admin -> Scope of Management -> Computers. Click on Download Agent button and install the executable in end user device.
  • How to share remote desktop screens
  • Now from home page search for the computer by it's device name or IP address or Username.
  • Hover over the computer and click on Connect button.
  • If you have enabled User Conformation, a pop up will be displayed in end users screen. If end user clicks yes then their screen will be shared.
  • What is remote desktop sharing
  • If User Conformation is disabled by administrator, then the screen will be shared instantly.
  • Benefits of Remote Screen Sharing

FAQs about Free Remote Screen Sharing Software

What is Remote Desktop Sharing?

Remote desktop sharing is basically a way to let a user view your screen from another device. This robust feature is very helpful at times of remote troubleshooting.

Why do you need remote screen sharing software?

Imagine an employee is working from home and something goes wrong with their computer or phone. they are not sure how to fix it and need help. That's when remote desktop sharing can be really helpful. It allows a technician to see remote endpoints screen and control the device from their own computer, even if they're not in the same room. They can troubleshoot and fix the problem immediately without any delay.

How does Remote Desktop Sharing work?

Remote desktop sharing allows two devices to connect with each other. One device is used to see what's happening on the other device's screen, and the other device is the one being shared. So, the person who is sharing their device can allow someone else to see what they are doing on their computer. This is done through special software that securely connects the two devices.

The person who is viewing the shared screen can use their own keyboard and mouse to control the other person's device. This can be helpful if someone needs help with a computer problem or if they want to work on their computer from a different location.

Is sharing remote desktop screens safe?

In Remote Access Plus, when you share your screen remotely with someone else, it happens through a secure connection. This means that it's very safe to use, and you don't have to worry about your information being compromised. Plus, if you want to keep an extra eye on things, you can record and monitor every remote session easily.

Is remote desktop sharing free?

Yes, remote desktop sharing along with essential troubleshooting tools like wake on line, file transfer are available for free with Remote Access Plus. Try now

Benefits of remote screen sharing

The major benefits of using remote desktop sharing are:

  • Saves the time of busy sysadmins.
  • Even complex IT problems can be troubleshooted remotely.
  • Increase productivity and performance of admins and the organization.
  • Bridges the gap between sysadmins and end users of an organization.

How to choose the best remote desktop sharing software?

Factors to look at before choosing remote desktop sharing software:

  • Ensure it is cost efficient.
  • It must not affect bandwidth consumption.
  • Must have cross platform support.
  • User friendly interface.

Remote Access Plus is the most seamless and robust remote desktop sharing software in the market. Try out our 30-day free trial and explore all the remote features.