Free Remote Desktop Software

IT organizations are growing and expanding by the day, this often result in sysadmins facing the burden of troubleshooting problems all day long. A robust option for helping admins do their work comes in the form of remote desktop software, which lets them fix IT problems from anywhere. With the aid of a best remote desktop software, admins may view and troubleshoot a PC or laptop as if they were seated in front of it. Remote Access Plus is a free remote desktop software that provides effortless connectivity and access to a managed device, even when it is out of the corporate network.

Free Remote Desktop Software

What makes Remote Access Plus the best Remote Desktop Software?

Remote Access Plus is a one-stop solution for quickly troubleshooting IT problems like software incompatibility, environmental setup, and more. The key features of the Remote Access Plus will provide an elite level of remote help and drastically cut down troubleshooting time from days to minutes.

  1. Advanced Remote Control

    Remote Access Plus is HIPAA-compliant remote desktop software for troubleshooting devices at different geographic locations. Users can customize connection performance, record the remote sessions, and request end user permission before initiating the connection (if required).

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  3. System Manager

    Remote Access Plus has powerful system administration capabilities that provide you with fine-grained control over your devices. There are around 12 system manager tools to make your troubleshooting process easy and simplified, including command prompt, registry, Event Viewer, and much more.

  4. Remote Shutdown

    Enterprises can save money and energy by utilizing their devices efficiently. Most software and patch updates require a system shutdown and/or restart to take effect. Rather than waiting for end users to finish installing updates, you can effectively handle these problems by remotely shutting down the devices with only a few clicks in Remote Access Plus.

  5. Voice, Video & Text

    Communication can be a major barrier when the end user and administrators or technicians are in different locations. Through Remote Access Plus' voice, text, and video call features, users can now collaborate and troubleshoot problems without any communication hindrances.

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  7. Cross-Platform Support

    Enterprises will often use various operating systems across their network, depending on their requirements and which devices are used. These disparate IT environments are no trouble for Remote Access Plus, which will work across all supported OSs. For example, you can connect to a Mac device from a Windows device, and vice versa. The boundary does not stop here either; with the help of Remote Access Plus' mobile app, desktops and laptops can be accessed from admins' mobile devices, while on the go.

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How to use Remote Access Plus: The Best Free Remote Desktop Solution

System administrators and IT help desk staff can manage remote machines from a central location with the aid of our enterprise remote desktop software, Remote Access Plus. Let's see how to seamlessly access devices using Remote Access Plus:

  • Download Remote Access Plus for free from this link.
  • Open the Remote Access Plus web console. Navigate to Admin -> Scope of Management -> Computers. Download and install an agent on the device which you wish to access remotely.
  • Search for the device from the Home tab and click on the Connect button to initiate a remote session.
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  • An alternate method is to navigate to Tools -> Remote Control -> Computers. A list of managed devices can be viewed here.
  • Under the Action column, click on the Connect button to initiate a remote session for the respective computer.
  • Now, a remote session will be successfully established.

FAQs about Free Remote Desktop Software

  1. What is a Remote Desktop?

    A remote desktop allows you to securely access a device from anywhere, without having to be physically in front of it. This enables administrators to troubleshoot a remote device without leaving their workstation.

  2. What is Remote Desktop Software?

    A software that has the capability to let you remotely access a desktop that is not physically in front of you is simply termed as remote desktop software.

  3. Why do you need Remote Desktop Software?

    Some enterprises are planning to adopt or have already adopted work-from-home and hybrid workplaces. This results in administrators and end users not always working in the same location. That's where remote desktop software comes in handy to help administrators troubleshoot the devices quickly from anywhere.
  4. Is remote desktop software free?

    Remote Access Plus is a free remote desktop software with advanced remote control and troubleshooting features. You can access up-to 10 devices at free of cost! Explore

  5. Is remote desktop software safe?

    Multi factor authentications, strong password policies, encrypted and secure communication are a few security factors to be considered. Remote Access Plus is in-built with these security protocols and much more. Check now

  6. Can remote desktop software be used on mobile devices?

    Yes, you can access your devices on the move from your android or iOS devices in a single click. Try now

  7. How does Remote Desktop Software work?

    The basic protocol that stands as a backbone for remote desktop software is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Remote desktop software will capture screenshots continuously from the end user device and send them back to the host. The keyboard and mouse inputs of the host are simultaneously transferred to the end users.

  8. What are the benefits of Remote Desktop Software?

    The major benefits of remote desktop software are:

    • Reduction in time spent troubleshooting.
    • Effortless files transfers and access to administrative tools.
    • Monitor, access and troubleshoot the end devices.
    • Improve accessibility.
  9. How to choose the right Remote Desktop Software?

    The main factors to consider before choosing remote desktop software are as follows:

    • Compatibility and cross platform support.
    • Ensure the software is compliant to your enterprise policies.
    • Secured communication and file transfer support.
    • Multi language and multi monitor capability.

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