Secure Remote Access Solution

IT admins, support technicians, CIO's always prioritize security in a solution over everything. Unattended remote access software can be used for malicious purposes if not secured properly. Remote Access Plus is a secure remote control solution that offers strong security features to help you comply with regulations and protect end user's privacy.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

Key-features of our secure remote access software

Authenticating admins/technicians

To keep your accounts safe, it's important to have a strong security plan that starts even before you log in. You can make your login process more secure by using things like MFA (multi-factor authentication), 2FA (two-factor authentication), SSO (single sign-on), and SAML (security assertion markup language). One way to use 2FA is to download an app like Zoho OneAuth, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Duo. These apps can give you an extra layer of protection when logging in.

To keep your account safe and secure customize your own password policy by setting things like:

  • Number of times you can enter your password incorrectly.
  • How long your account will be locked out if you enter the wrong password too many times.
  • How long your password needs to be.

Encrypted and password-protected screen recording

  • Remote Access Plus is a tool that allows you to securely record your computer screen while working remotely.
  • You can protect these recordings by setting a password, so only authorized people can download and view them.
  • To ensure end users privacy, Remote Access Plus will notify them when a recording is taking place.

Secure file transfer

With Remote Access Plus, you can transfer any type of file, whether it's a program or a license certificate, securely and safely. We use the latest security technology to protect your files and important folders from cyber threats while they're being transferred through an encrypted tunnel. So you don't have to worry about anyone intercepting or stealing your data.

Additional layer of security for roaming users

Remote sessions are often established over the internet. To increase the security fence, we have an exclusive server that acts as a gateway to protect your data from being exposed to the web. Any communication or data transfer to the central server from roaming computers will pass through the Secure Gateway Server which helps prevent hackers or other bad actors from stealing your information.

Compliance customizations

Enterprises and small businesses need to follow certain rules like HIPAA, the GDPR, and PCI DSS to keep things fair and safe for everyone. Since remote access may affect privacy, we have customizations to request user approval before initiating a remote session or accessing their command prompt or file manager.

Privileged-based restrictions

In enterprise organizations, there may be multiple technicians and admins who use the product console. To make things easier and prevent confusion, we have different levels of access for different roles. This means that each person can only see and do what they need to, depending on their role. For example, some people might have full control over certain parts of the product, while others might only be able to view them. This helps keep everything organized and secure.

How to set up secure remote access?

Here is how to set up secure remote access with Remote Access Plus:

Harden Credentials

  • It is always recommended to change the default credentials.
  • Click the user icon at the top right corner and choose Personalize.
  • Navigate to the Change Password tab and enter the new credentials.
  • Secure remote access software
  • You can customize password policies for technicians by navigating to Admin -> Global Settings -> User Administration -> Secure Authentication -> Password Policy.
  • Secure remote desktop software

Authenticate and Secure

  • To tighten security, it is essential to enable the in-built two-factor authentication for the web console.
  • Navigate to Admin -> Global Settings -> User Administration -> Secure Authentication -> Two-Factor Authentication.
  • You can choose between email or an authenticator app for two-factor authentication. Choose the one that best suits your workflow.
  • What is secure remote access
  • Remote Access Plus is also coupled with SSO and SAML authentication. Click Admin -> Global Settings -> SAML Authentication to configure.

Set a Security Fence

  • Restrict the end user from uninstalling or stopping the service.
  • Secure Remote Access Software
  • Only technicians within the configured IP scope will have access to the console.

Note: For more security settings, navigate to Admin -> Security Settings. Know more

FAQs about secure remote access solutions

1. What is secure remote access?

Remote access itself is a critical action performed since you get full control over an end users device instantly and it is established over the internet. Hence these connections are protected with additional authentications and encryption algorithms for secure remote access.

2. What does secure remote access software do?

A secure remote control software allows you to access remote endpoints from another location, while making sure your information is safe. This software uses secure gateways and encrypts files during transfer to protect your data. Additionally, it helps the administrators to keep track of all the actions taken during the remote session, ensuring that the software is not misused for any harmful purposes.

3. Why is secure remote access solution important?

When IT technicians fix computer problems for people who live far away, they need to access their computers over the internet. But that can be dangerous because it exposes both the technician's computer and the user's computer to bad people who might try to harm them. That's why it's really important for IT companies to use a special secure remote control tools that keeps everything safe and private while they work on the remote computer.

4. Is secure remote access solution Free?

Yes, free edition of Remote Access Plus has full access to all the security and remote control features available in the solution. Try and explore now

5. How does secure remote access tool work?

  1. Security starts with authenticating the technician as they log in to the console.
  2. All the remote communication will go through gateway.
  3. To maintain privacy, a remote connection will not be established without the end user's approval.
  4. Data, files, folders transferred, and all recorded videos will be encrypted.

6. What technologies used for Secure Remote Access?

Remote Access Plus an unattended remote access solution secured with:

  • Login: Multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, role based restriction, customized password policy.
  • Communication: Encrypted file transfer, exclusive server for roaming endpoints, secure proprietary protocol for remote connection.
  • Privacy: End user confirmation for remote connection and diagnostic tools, password-protected screen recording.

7. Benefits of secure remote access solutions

  • Stay compliant with enterprise policies.
  • Tighten the communication for roaming users.
  • Level up security with restriction-based access.
  • Stay a step ahead of threats and vulnerability attacks.
  • Maintain end users' privacy with simple customizations.

8. How to choose a secure remote access software?

  • Ensure the solution meets the necessary compliance mandates.
  • Software must be flexible to adopt secure authentications such as SSO, MFA, etc.
  • Technician-based access control will help as your network grows.
  • Look for features such as reports, histories, and complete monitoring.