Web-Based Remote Desktop Software

Web based remote desktop software lets administrators access a computer remotely from anywhere over the internet. Remote Access Plus is web-based remote desktop software with multiple handy troubleshooting features. Through web-based remote access, you can control mouse and keyboard inputs of a computer that is in a different location. Let's look at how this feature can help an enterprise save time and money.

Web Based Remote Desktop

Why is Remote Access Plus the best web based remote desktop software?

Advanced web-based remote access

You can connect to your remote device effortlessly with one click from our web console. Invite more than one technician, quickly access troubleshooting tools like the Command Prompt and Task Manager, switch to view-only mode in between sessions, and blacken the end-user's screen when you perform confidential activities with Remote Access Plus.

Essential troubleshooting tools

Initiating remote sessions for simple troubleshooting operations like killing a running process is unnecessary with Remote Access Plus. Instead, you can access tools like the Task Manager and File Manager from the web console without establishing a remote session.

Built-in chat, video, and video call

Start a chat or call from a remote session or the web console. You also have the ability to record the chat and call history to keep track of what is happening and when it happened. This will come in handy for auditing purposes.

web-based remote desktop

Multi-monitor support

Developers, designers, and other enterprise employees tend to have multiple monitors connected to a single device. With Remote Access Plus, you have the ability to detect all the connected monitors and view them from one console.

web-based remote desktop

Cross Platform Ability

Access Windows, Mac and Linux devices using this web-based remote access software. You can troubleshoot a Windows device from Mac or Linux and vice versa. Use the mobile app to access your computers on the go from anywhere.

How does web-based remote desktop work?

Web-based remote desktop software establishes the remote session over the internet. You need not install software on the viewer device to access a remote computer. The server will be in an isolated system; with the URL and login credentials, you will be able to access the web console from any device. The screen captures and external inputs will be instantly transferred over the internet.

How to remotely access desktops over the web with Remote Access Plus?


  1. Download Remote Access Plus server in the server computer.
  2. Once installation is successful, the web console will open automatically.
  3. In this console, you will be able to view all the managed computers.
  4. Go to Admin -> Scope of Management -> Computers, and click Download Agent and install the executable on the device you wish to access.
  5. Web Based Remote Desktop
  6. Now search for the computer in the Home tab and click Connect to establish a remote session.

Web-Based Remote Desktop Software : Overview

What is web-based remote desktop?

The process of remotely accessing a remote desktop through a web-based console over the internet is a web-based remote desktop session. These sessions help admins streamline troubleshooting of problems on remote devices.

Why web-based remote access?

You cannot always walk up to a device and troubleshoot its IT problems. In order to effectively troubleshoot every device in your network, you need web-based remote access software.

Is web-based remote control safe?

Remote Access Plus provides a failover server that will retrieve your data in case a server crashes. You also have the option to ask the end user for confirmation before accessing their device, and you can blacken their screen when you perform sensitive operations like entering credentials.

Benefits of web-based remote desktop Software

  • Simplify the process of troubleshooting IT.
  • Reduce the man-hours required to fix IT problems.
  • Offer cross-platform support.