This set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about RMM Central's Remote Control module answers queries that you may have about RMM Central.

Remote Control

1. Is it possible for multiple users to login remotely to a computer at the same time?
Yes, it is possible for multiple users to login remotely to a computer at the same time. However, only one of the users who has logged in can take control. The other users can only view the changes that are being made.
2. How do I lock a keyboard or a mouse or blacken the display on a remote computer?
You can lock a keyboard or a mouse to ensure that you can make changes effectively. To lock the remote computer's keyboard and mouse, click the Lock Keyboard/Mouse icon from the viewer.Similarly, you can blacken the monitor of a remote computer when you do not want the user to view the changes that you are making. To blacken the remote monitor, click on the Blacken Monitor icon from the viewer.
3. What will happen when I take a remote session of a Virtual Computer?
When you take a remote session of a virtual computer, you will result in viewing the screen of the physical machine in which the remote session is hosted.
4. How to locate the file where the remote control session is recorded?
To locate the file where a remote control session is recorded, first navigate to the directory where the RMM server is installed. Then, go to RMM_Server\webapps\DesktopCentral\server-data\\rds\scr-rec Extract the zip file in this location to view the recorded video clip.
5. With whom I can collaborate remote sessions?
Collaboration can be done with any technician with "Remote Desktop Admin" privileges.
6. Can we set the prompt for user confirmation check box to enabled by default and not allow techs to uncheck this?
Yes, this is possible by navigating to tools --> Remote Control --> User Confirmation --> Enable "Make user confirmation permanent."
7. How does the product get the required permissions on the remote computer to execute the tasks?
The RMM agent installed on your remote computer will run with system privileges, hence it will have the required permissions to execute remote control tasks.
8. How to exchange rights between two technician on a remote control to a client-machine?
The technician who initiates remote connection will have the privilege to swift his control, when additional technician join the same session.
9. When you schedule a de-fragment task from RMM, does it disable the default task from Windows or should I manually disable it, for this to work?
De-fragmentation task from RMM is completely an independent schedule and it does not disturb the existing windows schedule. This task will be performed besides the existing task of Windows, if any.
10. What if there is a remote session that wasn't started by a technician, meaning the user got hacked. Can you find that out from the history?
Yes, there is an audit on this. However, it the tech account is hacked then the audit would say at what time and which technician has taken the remote session.
11. We do not allow our users to access command prompt. When the technician initiates the remote session, will the admin access the command prompt?
If you are connected to the machine from the console, yes. You can launch the cmd prompt from quick launch even if the user doesn't have access to open it. It will be opened with the system account privilege.
12. I have used the remote control and when i take control the end user cannot see their screen. How do I connect, so both of us can see the screen?
Establishing a remote connection does not blacken the remote monitor. Both the end user and the technician will have access to view the screen. If you want to blacken the display on the end user's screen, you can configure it using settings under Remote control.
13. We use three monitors per user, some are configured to be in portrait mode while their other monitors are in landscape mode. Will RMM display them all?
RMM will maintain the orientation and the aspect ratio (Landscape and Portrait format). Ability to view multiple monitors on a single pane is in development phase and will be released soon.
14. Where would screen recording be stored?
Recorded remote sessions will be stored on the RMM server. You can locate it from RMM web console -> Tools -> Remote Control -> Settings -> History. You can hover the recorded session to find the exact storage location.
15. If Chat window is closed accidentally during remote session how do you relaunch a new window?
You can choose to re-initiate the chat session without disconnecting the remote control. Chat session is not dependent on the Remote Control Session.
16. If I schedule a task for example 10pm, I am working in Sydney but the end user is in London does this allow for the time zone?
RMM by default initiates the task based on the server time. So, it is recommended to schedule the task accordingly.
17. My remote Control screen shows port 8096 conflict, how do I resolve?
RMM can identify, if the port allotted for remote control is used by another process. You can modify the port from, RMM web console -> Tools -> Remote Control -> Settings -> Port Settings.
18. Does the Screen Recording need to be turned on before you establish the remote control session or can it be turned on during the session?
You will have to turn on the Recording feature (from, RMM web console -> Tools -> Remote Control -> Screen Recording -> Enable Screen Recording, before initiating the remote session for screen recording to capture.
19. To allow multiple tech's to work on same remote connection, does that require additional license for ManageEngine?
RMM does not need any specific license for multiple technicians to participate in the same remote session. However the same technician can not try to initiate multiple remote sessions with the same computer simultaneously.
20. Will the remote control automatically reconnect after a reboot during the session?
Yes, if you have initiated the reboot from the quick launch options available, the remote session will be reconnected automatically.
21. Is possible to take remote control of a roaming user? If the user is at home without VPN tunnel?
If the RMM agent on the roaming computer is able to reach the RMM server's gateway port, then the remote connection can be established. You can verify the port reachability using telnet.
22. If you have keyboard/mouse disabled, does it automatically disable it for the new tech sharing the session? If you leave the remote session and forget to re-enable the mouse/keyboard will it automatically be re-enabled for the user?
"Disable Keyboard and Mouse" is applicable only for the user on the client machine, this does not apply to the technicians. Once the remote session is disconnected the mouse and keyboard will be automatically enabled on the remote computer.
23. Can you remote control a desktop that is not logged into and sitting at a ctrl+alt+del screen?
RMM allows you to initiate remote session with a computer even when no user is logged on or when the "ctrl+alt+del" screen is active. You use the remote control tool bar to invoke "ctrl+alt+del" screen on the agent computer.
24. Wake on LAN only works if the pc is actually powered ON, correct?
You can use Wake On LAN to wake computers, which are shutdown. However, if you want to wake a computer which is not in the LAN as RMM server, you will have to ensure that at least one computer within the same subnet (as the target computer) should be active and have RMM agent installed in it.
25. When in a remote control session and installing software, if the user is not an Admin, how can I install software as a remote admin as Admin?
Initiating a remote session using RMM does not entitle the user with administrative privileges related to software deployment. You will have to use RMM's Software Deployment module to perform this operation. You can perform this operation from, RMM web console -> Software Deployment -> Deployment -> Install/uninstall Software -> create configuration -> Package settings.
26. During a remote session, I have blacken the remote monitor, is there an indicator showing if the user's screen is blacked out?
You can check the action icon, if you could see "blacken monitor" is changed to "revoke monitor", then you can feel assured that the remote monitor has been blacked out.
27. How do I enable Wake On LAN system?
You can enable it by configuring the settings, You can refer this document, to know the steps involved in configuring the "Wake on LAN" settings from, RMM web console -> Admin -> Global Settings -> Agent Settings- > Enable Wake On LAN Settings. You can also refer <>this articlefor more details.
28. What type of files, can i transfer using "File Transfer", and Is there any limitation in the file size?
You can transfer any type/format of files and there is no restriction on the size of the file.
29. I have enabled Wake on LAN on the BIOS, however I find it does not work at time, why?
Wake on LAN might fail, if the target machine belongs to a different subnet. You should ensure that there should be at least one machine turned on in that subnet, so that it could act as the Wake on LAN proxy for the whole subnet.
30. When I try to broadcast an announcement, to a target computer, which located in a different timezone, will the announcements be broadcasted?
Announcements work based on the "Server Time", if you schedule to broadcast an announcement at 12:00 hours, and the target computer time has not reached 12:00 hours, then the announcement will be displayed.
31. Can we remove reason box while initiating the remote connection?
Yes, you can remove the reason box from, RMM console -> Tools -> Remote Control -> Settings ->disable "log reason for remote control."
32. How many technicians can connect to a remote computer simultaneously?
The number of technicians is determined by the number of technician licenses that you own, however the speed depends on the available bandwidth.