Adding Worklog to Requests for Remote Connections

For remote connections established using RMM Central, you have an option to add the reason for the remote connection as a worklog entry to your ServiceDesk Plus MSP request.


  • Ensure that the build numbers conform to the details given below:

    • RMM Central: Enterprise Edition, Build number 10.1.40 or later versions

    • ServiceDesk Plus MSP: Professional Edition, Build number 7601 or later versions

  • Run both RMM Central and ServiceDesk Plus MSP in your network

  • Manage all the computers in your network using RMM Central

  • Ensure that the Customer Names in RMM Central is same as the Account Name in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

  • Similarly, the Remote Office Name in RMM Central should be same as Site Name in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Steps to Integrate and Add Worklog Entries

  1. Click the Admin tab

  2. In the Integrations section, click ServiceDesk Plus MSP Settings

  3. In the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Settings section, click the Configure Now button

  4. In the Service Desk Server Plus MSP Details section, specify the following details about the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Server:

      1. IP address/DNS name

      2. Port number

      3. Required communication protocol

  1. In the Features to be Integrated section,  select Add Work Log for Remote Connections checkbox

  2. Generate authentication key and provide it here.

  3. Click Save

To add a Worklog entry, you should specify the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Request ID while taking a remote connection using RMM Central. When specified, the reason specified for establishing the remote connection will automatically get updated as a worklog of the Request ID specified here.