Integrating Asset Data

RMM Central scans the computers in your clients' network periodically and collects data related to hardware and software assets that are installed. Information related to hardware and software applications is updated by RMM Central. This data is synchronized immediately with ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

If both RMM Central and ServiceDesk Plus MSP scan the computers in your network for data related to hardware and software assets the existing information will be overwritten with the latest information.


Before you integrate details about assets with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you must ensure the following:

  • Ensure that the build numbers conform to the details given below:

    • RMM Central: Enterprise Edition, Build number 10.1.40 or later versions

    • ServiceDesk Plus MSP: Professional Edition, Build number 7601 or later versions

  • Run both RMM Central and ServiceDesk Plus MSP in your network

  • Manage all the computers in your network using RMM Central

  • Ensure that the Customer Names in RMM Central is same as the Account Name in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

  • Similarly, the Remote Office Name in RMM Central should be same as Site Name in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Integrating Asset Data with ServiceDesk Plus

To integrate the Asset data from RMM Central with ServiceDesk Plus, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Admin tab

  2. In the Integrations section, click ServiceDesk Plus MSP Settings

  3. In the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Settings section, click the Configure Now button

  4. In the Service Desk Server Plus MSP Details section, specify the following details about the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Server:

    1. IP address/DNS name

    2. Port number

    3. Required communication protocol

  5. In the Features to be Integrated section, select IT Asset Data checkbox for Desktops & Mobile Devices. If you wanted to integrate asset data of only mobile device, or desktop then you can check the appropriate check box.
  6. Click Save

No configuration is required on your ServiceDesk Plus MSP installation for integrating the Asset Data.

If you select HTTPS mode of communication, you must provide the SSL certificate of ServiceDesk Plus MSP. To do this copy the file "sdp.keystore", to your computer, from the following location:

<ServiceDesk Plus MSP Installation Home>/Server/Default/conf directory

Select the file that you have copied using the Choose File button.


If you are using a third-party SSL certificate, you must also provide information regarding the alias name you provided when generating the keystore file and the password for the keystore.