ManageEngine RMM Central

RMM Central to Managed Service Provider administrators is what keeps organizations spirits and efforts to keep them at their best. The realm of MSP administrator's responsibility keeps growing extensively. RMM Central enables IT administrators to manage all the customers' endpoints and perform all network monitoring capabitlies from a single console.

Have you been using a myriad of management tools for managing various devices in your client enterprises?

RMM Central is a one-stop solution for integrated management of endpoints such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets is multiple customer enterprises and your networking devices. RMM Central helps you manage all your devices from a central locus.

Have you been juggling between different operating systems?

RMM Central manages assorted endpoints running on varied flavours of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux from a single console. Worry not for variegated network environments such as Windows Active Directory, Windows Workgroups and Novell eDirectory can be managed seamlessly.

Has equipping new systems become a part of your daily routine?

Since every new user in the network costs hours in laborious setup time, RMM Central's Software Deployment truncates the time consumed by helping you provision new software with just a few clicks.

Tired of the never-ending outpour of Microsoft patch releases?

RMM Central's Patch Management facilitates automated patch deployment for heterogeneous endpoints and third-party applications. Combat critical and zero-day vulnerabilities at the snap of a finger.

Do repetitive tasks span your entire workday?

RMM Central supports over 50 configurations that automate any task which needs to be carried out on a regular basis, thereby saving a lot of time. Be it securing browsers or USB devices, all you have to do is, deploy a configuration.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Agreed?

RMM Central's Inventory Management provides details about the hardware and software assets of your network. Save your organization from legal jeopardy by having an eye on the installation of unlicensed applications.

Do you spend most of the day troubleshooting computers?

RMM Central's Tools such as Remote Control, System Manager, Remote Shutdown & Wake on LAN come handy for sorting out issues in no time.

Have you been investing painstaking efforts for software deployment?

RMM Central's Software Deployment lets you install, uninstall or update software applications remotely as well as automatically. Overcome challenges in deploying common applications based on the user's needs by publishing the software in Self-Service Portal.

Never been able to comprehend volumes of data when asked to do so?

Produce audit-ready reports effortlessly as RMM Central helps you run comprehensive reports at the push of a button.

Do you work round the clock to keep your client network secured?

Securing your customers network is no longer a Herculean task. Deploy security policies and configurations for securing browsers or imposing restrictions on the usage of blacklisted applications and unauthenticated devices.

Do you juggle between different tools to manage and monitor your networking devices?

View performance, bandwidth consumption, recent device configuration changes on a single snapshot page in RMM Central dashboard. Monitor device availability, performance, alarms of multiple customer networks seamlessly from RMM Central.

Do you struggle to handle multiple clients' networking devices simultaneously ?

RMM Central enables MSPs to sort client's network devices based on location, department type, device type, based on vendors or based on customer preference.

Do you wish to simplify your day-to-day network monitoring tasks?

With RMM Central in place, get complete visibility into the current status of your client's network with critical metrics from routers, switches, firewalls, servers, services, application, URLs, printers, UPS and other infrastructure devices.