RMM Central's Network Configuration Management (NCM)

Faulty configuration changes can catalyze potential network glitches, and non-compliance with the latest industry standards making multiclient networks vulnerable to security threats. Comprehensive management can help MSPs do the following things:

  • Track the information on who, when, and what of all configuration changes in real time.
  • Identify and isolate potential disasters caused by misconfigurations.
  • Maintain a repository of configuration backups, and effortlessly restore network functions in times of a network disaster.
  • Secure multiclient networks from intrusions by staying compliant to industry standards.
  • Keep client's network disaster-free with safe configuration management practices.

This shows that monitoring and management of the network configuration is vital. To accomplish the intended job flawlessly, ManageEngine RMM Central has introduced the Network configuration management (NCM) feature for enhancing its remote monitoring and management capabilities. With this robust tool, MSPs can now combat multiclient network configuration challenges easily; it delivers monitoring, management, automation, and security features cost efficiently.

Key benefits of RMM Central's Network Configuration Management

RMM Central's Network configuration management feature will benefit MSPs in the following ways: 

  • Provide enhanced multiclient network configuration monitoring capabilities.
  • Centralize and streamlines configuration management of multiclient networks.
  • Automate network configuration tasks.
  • Fortify client network from failures caused due to faulty configuration changes.

End-to-end tracking of client network configuration changes

OpManager MSP's NCM add-on | ManageEngine OpManager MSP

With this feature, MSPs gain an in-depth view of network configuration changes in their client's networks in real time. This enables them to understand what is happening in the network effortlessly, without needing to access multiple tabs. This will be helpful to filter erroneous configuration changes made recently; these can be instantly reverted. The NCM feature also enables IT admins to increase security by providing access only to required resources using role-based access control. The effective management of configuration changes helps reduce frequent downtimes caused by faulty configuration changes.

Configuration backups to fault-proof multi-client networks

OpManager MSP's NCM add-on | ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Taking backups for all the client networks devices whenever configuration changes are made can be quite ponderous and time-consuming. However, using NCM, MSPs can instantly back up the configurations of multiple network devices at once. They can also schedule configuration backups of client network devices between the preferred length of time. Further, manual efforts for initiating backups can be eliminated by turning the change detection mode on; this triggers backups automatically whenever a change is made to devices.

Automate repetitive operations with configlets

OpManager MSP's NCM add-on | ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Eliminating manual tasks provides a few gifts for business organizations, including completing configuration changes efficiently and without any man-made errors, saving a lot of time, labor, and expense. RMM Central's NCM feature delivers an incredible automation feature called configlets, which are configuration script templates. These can help MSPs automate configuration operations, and troubleshoot faster. Additionally, credentials can be updated automatically in order to tighten security.

Multi-tenant compliance management in real-time

OpManager MSP's NCM add-on | ManageEngine OpManager MSP

study conducted by Ponemon Institute states that 46 organizations spent 2.65 times more, on average, to address issues with non-compliance than they would have spent to comply with the compliance policies. For this reason, organizations should consider compliance management important. RMM Central's NCM feature lets MSPs adhere to industry standards, such as HIPAA, SOX, CISCO IOS, PCI; it easily enables MSPs to create custom compliance policies as well. MSPs can remediate compliance violations instantly with the remediation configlets. Also, compliance reports can be generated to analyze network violations better.

Holistic firmware vulnerability management for clients' network

OpManager MSP's NCM add-on | ManageEngine OpManager MSP

Secure your network from firmware vulnerabilities and prevent business losses and customer attrition as a consequence of intrusions and data hacks with the help of the NCM feature. Scan and identify firmware vulnerabilities in client network devices and fix them instantly. This feature also delivers a detailed view of the vulnerabilities included with the CVE ID, and that provides a suitable patch to overcome vulnerabilities.

Confused how to enable NCM add-on?

No extra steps are required to enable the NCM add-on after purchasing it.

MSPs can find the inventory under Monitoring tab -> Network -> Config Management and start managing multiclient network configurations instantly.