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Mobile App for Android & IOS

A Mobile app for android & iOS to control and manage Active Directory right from your phone

Basically, an administrator is able to exercise five important functions, which are- Reset Password, Unlock User Accounts, Enable User Accounts, Disable User Accounts and Delete User Accounts. All functions were responding, exactly to the way it intended to be.

Windows Security

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

"What I like most about EventLog Analyzer is the attention to details that make the user experience better, which are apparent throughout the interface... the vendor (ManageEngine) actually cares about what the IT pros using their solution want and need... This solution manages to be extremely full featured without being complicated... I never encountered one of those dialog boxes that makes you want to pull your hair out because you don't know what it's asking for, and I never had to puzzle for long over how to accomplish any task"


ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus has one of the best dashboards of the products I reviewed. Once logged on, a nice dashboard gives you an overview of recent domain activity. The Reports tab is where you can really get into the meat of the data with 33 built-in reports are grouped into 8 specific categories. For simple, cost-effective event log reporting, ADAudit Plus comes in at an extremely low price point.

ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager 8 from ManageEngine stands out from the crowd of SNMP based network monitoring products, because it provides an extensive set of enterprise level tools, at a price that makes it affordable for smaller businesses.

Channel Partner

Managed Services Tool Talk

The MSP edition of ManageEngine OpManager enterprise IT-management product is designed to require minimal integration with third-party solutions, which simplifies rollout.

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IPCheck vs OPManager

OPManager & IPCheck will be familiar to network and server administrators, they're applications which monitor all aspects of a modern network, and all of the different types of hardware contained within.

Clean up your SOAP-based Web services

The Test Center inspects five worthy tools for keeping your services squeaky clean

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ServiceDesk Plus Improves Efficiency

Manage Help Desk & IT Assets From This Comprehensive Tool


Rating The MSP Platforms

Engineers review four MSP vendors on key features and N-able comes up a winner

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Monitoring software for network devices, services and applications.

OpManager monitors networked devices and the services and applications running on them.

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ADManager Plus to Manage Active Directory for Windows Environment

ADManager Plus is a nice tool who provides web-based management and administration of Windows Active Directory

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OpManager: the Swiss army knife of monitoring

Manageengine OpManager, which starts at $1995 per server and runs on Windows (2000, 2003 and XP) and Linux (Red Hat and Debian) servers, is the Swiss army knife of monitoring and management tools.


Under The Hood Of 5 MSP Platforms

Manageengine has been offering a stand-alone OpManager server for VARs targeting customers that need remote management.

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Multilanguage Patching Support

Managing the ever-growing number of security patches and various product fixes being released for the range of OSes and apps in use today can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task, especially for multilingual, heterogeneous environments.


The Best Ajax-Based Apps

Ajax-based word processors may be good for collaboration, and they can offer solid basic functionality. But for power features, I fully expected that I'd have to turn to their desktop-based counterparts.

Monitor Your Servers around the World with ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Your Servers around the World with ManageEngine Applications Manager

In today's fiercely competitive business environment, 24/7 system availability has become necessary, not just an added advantage. To achieve this target you need to monitor your web applications, application servers, web servers, database servers, mail servers, and other related services continuously.

Manageengine OpManager Offers More Than Simple Monitoring

Manageengine OpManager Offers More Than Simple Monitoring

Manageengine, a provider of network and telecom solutions since 1996, has recently released Web-based monitoring software, OpManager MSP Edition. OpManager is designed to enable VARs, systems integrators and MSPs to offer managed network services to small and medium enterprise customers.

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OpManager Network Management Software

OpManager Network Management Software

A Web-based operations management tool with complete real-time monitoring and reporting for all types of SNMP-enabled devices on your network

Netzwerke uberwachen mit ManageEngine™ OpManager 5.5

Read the Review of Opmanager 5.5 in German. ManageEngine™ OpManager 5.5 ist eine Netzwerk Monitoring Software, mit der WAN, Server und Router/Switches uberwacht und die Ergebnisse protokolliert werden konnen. Die englische Software steht in einer Free-Edition fur maximal 10 Nodes sowie in einer kommerziellen Testversion mit unbegrenzt uberwachbaren Servern zur Verfugung.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 4

A Web-based inventory-cum-helpdesk management software that helps you streamline your IT support team, and manage your contracts and purchase orders

Manageengine Opmanager 5.5

Read the Review of Opmanager 5.5 in German. Wer von der IT abhangig ist, sollte Server und Netzkomponenten permanent uberwachen -- in groben Unternehmen oft ein Fall fur teure Produkte von IBM, HP oder BMC.

ManageEngine Applications Manager

With the release of ManageEngine Applications Manager 6 GA, Manageengine has provided system administrators and operators with a monitoring tool designed to proactively address enterprise needs.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Joining a slew of management vendors, Manageengine last week announced it would launch a NetFlow-based bandwidth-monitoring tool to help network administrators identify application traffic on their nets and manage bandwidth consumption.

ManageEngine OpUtils

Network management vendor Manageengine recently unveiled software to help IT operations staff monitor routers, switches and more.

ManageEngine OpManager

Those who work on enterprise networks can legitimately ponder the acquisition of big-ticket complex network management platforms.

ManageEngine OpManager

A network management software for small to medium sized organizations with excellent monitoring capabilities.

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ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager is a centralised network monitoring tool that runs on Windows, Linux or Solaris.