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Patch Manager Plus

More often, we see businesses getting hacked every year. While hackers always tend to find new ways to break into computer systems, cyber threats have become a pressing issue for businesses. To mitigate the risk of data breaches, organizations are turning towards deploying resilient network security, and patch management solution is what helps them achieve this.

Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus enables businesses to efficiently manage all mobile devices used for work purposes, secure corporate data stored and processed with these devices, enforce password restrictions and policies, and more.

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, offers a variety of products aimed at IT management including hardware, software, and physical as well as virtual infrastructure. ManageEngine OpManager (which begins at $1,995 for up to 50 devices) primarily focuses on infrastructure management.

OpManager ManageEngine Review

A constant headache and hassle for any network admin is keeping up with network traffic, managing application bandwidth usage, load balancing, monitoring health of network devices, identifying problems, and plugging security holes, not to mention endless other tasks.


OpManager cung cấp khả năng giám sát mạng toàn diện giúp người dùng theo dõi hiệu suất mạng, phát hiện lỗi mạng trong thời gian thực. Đồng thời cung các giải pháp khắc phục mang đến hiệu quả kết nối cao nhất cho người dùng cá nhân hay tổ chức, doanh nghiệp.

ManageEngine OpManager Review

ManageEngine produces a large stable of infrastructure monitoring and management systems. Network monitoring OpManager is the company’s star product. We give the lowdown on this industry leader in this article.

ManageEngine OpManager 9 Review

Are you winning the battle to tame your network? Or are you constantly are surprised by servers running out of disk space and bandwidth shortages? Does the ring of your cell phone make you shudder and wonder what just broke? If you answered yes, then you need better network..

ManageEngine OpManager Plus 12.4 review

If you want to keep your licensing simple, OpManager is sure to appeal: pricing is based solely on the number of monitored devices, regardless of how many interfaces or elements each one has, and it starts at just £188 for a perpetual ten-device licence.

OpManager Review

We are dedicated to giving you the best information on the top-rated network monitoring tools and software available on the market today.

ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) 9.1

ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 from ManageEngine (which is available in a free version) is among the most mature of all the helpdesk products we reviewed in this roundup.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer

Familiar Windows-style interface. More fully featured than some of the newer asset management tools. Relationship Mapping. Tracks networked and non-networked assets. Support for virtual machine (VM)-based assets. Cloud-hosted, browser-based.

ManageEngine OpManager Review

I remember when I started my career in the IT industry and I visited the network operations centers of some banks. There were usually these big screens hung up on the wall for everyone to see showing several red and green icons.

ManageEngine OpManager Review

Do you wish you can see everything in just one application? In the world of computing and networking, this is necessary in infrastructure to keep an eye on your network performance, latency, quality, and threats.

ManageEngine OpManager Review and Rating for 2020

We’re having an in-depth look at ManageEngine OpManager, an infrastructure monitoring and management platform. In a nutshell, this is a great all-in-one tool which can cover various IT management tasks such as infrastructure management..

ManageEngine Service Desk Plus Review

ManageEngine Service Desk Plus is designed for organizations that need a more in depth ticketing system as well as project management and contract management. It is a great all-in-one solution designed to establish process automation and support end users.

ManageEngine OpManager Review

ManageEngine’s OpManager is a powerful, full scale monitoring platform, offering a complete suite of services and features for network administrators. This toolset combines every aspect of infrastructure management in to one simple interface.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Review

The Patch Manager from ManageEngine is a comprehensive patching solution. It offers automated patch download and deployment for Windows, Linux, and macOS computers.

ManageEngine: Product Overview and Insight

With a portfolio of more than 90 products and free tools purpose-built for inherent integration, ManageEngine has penetrated a highly consolidated market by offering innovative and affordable IT management solutions for businesses.


Site24x7 provides Performance Monitoring Solutions for DevOps and IT Operations for Website Performance, Servers, Synthetic Transactions, Application Performance, and more. In addition, they offer several free tools, including Website Availability with DNS Analysis.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

Solid mobile device management (MDM) solution with a great user interface (UI) and a great price. This product is a no-brainer if you already use other ManageEngine products and need an MDM tool.

ADAudit Plus REVIEW - Business Intelligence Software

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is an online Active Directory change audit software. The tool provides comprehensive reports on changes that happen in your Windows Active Directory.

ManageEngine for ITAM and ITSM Integration

This independent review is part of our ITAM vs. ITSM Integration group test.

Monitoring devices for free with OpManager

Windows administrators can get their hands on ManageEngine's OpManager, a program that manages 10 devices.

ManageEngine OpManager v11.4

A comprehensive network management software that can monitor availability of devices. WAN links, websites, etc and even helps organizations troubleshoot performance issues with their servers, applications, services, processes, and even virtual machines.

Testing ManageEngine's ADSelfService Plus Product for Windows-IBM i Password Synchronization

Besides managing IBM i machines, I also run a PC and network Help Desk for two companies. Both companies use a Windows network combined with multiple IBM i servers.

A Mobile app for android & iOS to control and manage Active Directory right from your phone

Basically, an administrator is able to exercise five important functions, which are- Reset Password, Unlock User Accounts, Enable User Accounts, Disable User Accounts and Delete User Accounts. All functions were responding, exactly to the way it intended to be.

Mobile Password Management App Supports IBM i

The bring your own device (BYOD) movement is freeing users from the bounds of cubicle land. However, forgotten passwords remain a problem and keep users tied to the help desk.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

"What I like most about EventLog Analyzer is the attention to details that make the user experience better, which are apparent throughout the interface...

ManageEngine Endpoint Central

There was a time, couple of years ago, when I was looking for making my life as an IT Admin easier. I still remember how my life was complicated, year 2003, we were using Lotus Notes, every month we had to create batch scripts that were used to install updates..

ManageEngine Endpoint Central

In the not-too-distant past, many IT professionals considered robust device management systems a luxury they couldn’t afford. Sure, solutions such as Microsoft’s System Center and Symantec’s Altiris have been on the scene for years.

ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager 8 from ManageEngine stands out from the crowd of SNMP based network monitoring products, because it provides an extensive set of enterprise level tools, at a price that makes it affordable for smaller businesses.

Managed Services Tool Talk

The MSP edition of ManageEngine OpManager enterprise IT-management product is designed to require minimal integration with third-party solutions, which simplifies rollout.

OpManager: the Swiss army knife of monitoring

Manageengine OpManager, which starts at $1995 per server and runs on Windows (2000, 2003 and XP) and Linux (Red Hat and Debian) servers, is the Swiss army knife of monitoring and management tools.

Manageengine Opmanager 5.5

Read the Review of Opmanager 5.5 in German. Wer von der IT abhangig ist, sollte Server und Netzkomponenten permanent uberwachen -- in groben Unternehmen oft ein Fall fur teure Produkte von IBM, HP oder BMC.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Joining a slew of management vendors, Manageengine last week announced it would launch a NetFlow-based bandwidth-monitoring tool to help network administrators identify application traffic on their nets and manage bandwidth consumption.

ManageEngine OpUtils

Network management vendor Manageengine recently unveiled software to help IT operations staff monitor routers, switches and more.

ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager is a centralised network monitoring tool that runs on Windows, Linux or Solaris.