Third Party Patch Management using Microsoft SCCM

Supports patching of 250+ third party applications

Microsoft SCCM has a great infrastructure to manage desktops and their applications. But, one of the limitations of SCCM is its inability to patch non Microsoft applications. This is a source of inconvenience for IT administrators as they have to work with multiple patch management tools in order to update all business applications in the network, making this task highly time consuming.

Patch Connect Plus is a tool that helps deploy patches to over 250 third party applications such as Adobe applications, Java and WinRAR using your existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager server. Hence, delivering a solution to the problem by integrating with your existing SCCM patch management infrastructure.

Automate non-Microsoft patch management

Protect your systems from security threats with regular patching. Schedule regular scans and gain vulnerability information of the systems managed. Deploy patches to the vulnerable systems automatically using SCCM patch management infrastructure.

Automate 3rd Party Patch Management
Use Microsoft SCCM for third party patch deployment

Get the most out of your SCCM investment

Using Patch Connect Plus with your existing SCCM framework will help you patch almost any application. Hence, you overcome the requirement of having yet another IT solution for Patch management of third party applications. Also by using the same SCCM console, you overcome the need of learning about a new console for third party patch management alone.

Native SCCM Plug-in for third-party patches

Patch the applications you want, without filtering through the complete list of third-party applications in the SCCM console. This plug-in lists every available third-party update in a separate tab along with complete reports on all client machines.

Native SCCM Plug-in for third-party patches
Use Microsoft SCCM for third party patch deployment

Customized deployment of third-party patches

Gain a wide scope of customization options for third-party patches before deploying them. These customizations include skipping the deployment process if the application is running, providing an option to uninstall the superseded patches, and restricting applications from having a start menu icon, task bar icon, or shortcut icon.

Patch only required applications

Approve patches only to the required applications which are significant to you. Therefore, gain higher control over the applications which you want to patch.

Patch 3rd party applications which are selected
Receive status on deployed 3rd party patches


Receive the status reports of the patches available, last database updated time and new products being supported by Patch Connect Plus.

Intelligent patching

Deploy patches to the applications when they are not in use. Hence, providing reliability to the deployment process by adding precision which leads to the success of patching of applications in the right manner.

Deploy 3rd party patches when app not in use
3rd Party Patch deployment made easy

Great user experience

Patch Connect Plus provides its users with convenience of easy installation and one time setup requirement. Also, the UI is easy to understand with support documents at every step to help users.

Available in 2 editions

Patch Connect Plusfor Microsoft SCUP

Readily available updates to patch via SCUP catalog.

Patch Connect Plusfor Microsoft SCCM

Fully automated patching using SCCM infrastructure.

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