Custom Catalogs to seamlessly manage third-party applications - SCCM 1806 onwards

One of the significant upgrades in the recent versions of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the third-party software updates support for custom catalogs. You can now add custom catalogs in the Configuration Manager console and manage third party applications.

Patch Connect Plus - The smart way to import and manage 300+ third-party Catalogs for SCCM.

Patch Connect Plus helps you automatically import third-party software catalogs to your SCCM server. You have access to the catalogs of over 300 applications (197 unique vendors in all); all these catalogs are ready to either be published automatically to SCCM. With Patch Connect Plus,

  1. Support for over 300 software catalogs of non-Microsoft vendors for SCCM
  2. Eliminate the time taken and the need to manually upload catalogs when they’re released.
  3. Seamless process of uploading third-party catalogs

Avail free access to third-party Catalogs from Patch Connect Plus

Patch Connect Plus offers a free download of catalogs for notable third-party applications, intended for evaluation. You can automatically publish them to SCCM by importing the .CAB files for applications of your choice. You can also import these custom catalogs as .CAB files to publish via SCUP.

The download URL contains the following set of applications.

  1.  Adobe Reader 11
  2.  VLC player
  3.  Google Chrome
  4.  Notepad++
  5.  Adobe Flash Player
  6.  WinZip
  7.  Skype
  8.  WinRAR
  9.  TeamViewer
  10.  Winscp

Avail a free trial

Adding third-party custom catalogs to SCCM


  1. The free download available for these applications will expire in 30 days.
  2. The updates available for free download are the latest versions available.
  3. In free trial, you will be allowed to test up to 10 application catalogs. You have to contact support to test more application catalogs. 
  4. Click here to view the list of supported third-party applications by Patch Connect Plus.

Using Microsoft SCUP only?
Patch Connect Plus also offers SCUP catalogs to patch third party applications in the SCUP setup.
Refer here for steps.