Security Hardening of Windows Active Directory and Windows Servers

Speaker: Derek Melber,
Group Policy & AD MVP

Duration: 60 Minutes

Join us for a free on-demand webinar on"Security Hardening of Windows Active Directory and Windows Servers".

This webinar will guide you through the finer points of securing your Windows Active Directory and Windows Servers. You will learn how to report, analyze, configure, monitor, and alert on all key security aspects of your environment, and also how to meet all regulations, both internal and external.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Leveraging tools to report and analyze the security settings of your existing environment.
  • Configuring the best possible security settings for your environment.
  • Covering all key security settings for Windows environments.
  • Monitoring of security settings to know when any change occurs.
  • Constructing email alerts for key security settings to be notified immediately if a change occurs.

About the Speaker

Derek Melber

Derek Melber

TGroup Policy & AD MVP

Derek Melber is a Group Policy & AD MVP. As an Active Directory MVP, Derek helps Active Directory administrators, auditors, and security professionals understand the finer points of how to manage, audit, recover, and solve issues that occur in Active Directory and Group Policy.

Derek educates IT professionals on Active Directory, Group Policy, and security. Derek also writes and produces videos on all of his areas of expertise. He has written over 15 books, with the latest being Windows Group Policy Resource Kit, published by Microsoft Press.

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