Comprehensive SIEM with advanced threat mitigation and ML-driven UEBA

  • Dynamic threat intelligence and real-time threat detection
  • Actionable security analytics
  • End-to-end incident management
  • In-depth cloud security analytics
  • Anomaly detection driven by behavioral analytics
  • Real-time Active Directory auditing
  • Integrated compliance management
  • High-speed forensic analysis engine

EventLog Analyzer

Log management, IT auditing, and compliance management

  • Comprehensive log collection, processing, and archival
  • Built-in custom log parser for in-house log analysis
  • In-depth security auditing and analysis
  • Real-time event log correlation
  • Built-in file integrity monitoring
  • Analysis of database and web server security logs
  • Real-time event response system
  • Integrated compliance management

Firewall Analyzer

Firewall rule, configuration, and log management

  • Firewall policy analysis and administration
  • Firewall configuration monitoring and change management
  • Firewall compliance reports and auditing
  • Firewall log management
  • Network traffic and bandwidth monitoring
  • Security and VPN monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • Network forensic audits

ADAudit Plus

Active Directory auditing and reporting

  • Real-time change monitoring and alerting
  • Active Directory group management
  • User logon monitoring
  • Audit trail for privileged users
  • File access and user activity auditing
  • Anomaly detection using UBA
  • Compliance reports for SOX, the GDPR, and other mandates

SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint reporting and auditing

  • SharePoint reporting and management
  • SharePoint security and auditing
  • SharePoint permission and group management
  • Microsoft 365 management
  • Audit log archival
  • Usage analytics

M365 Security Plus

Microsoft 365 security and protection

  • Granular auditing of user activities
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • Real-time alerting of critical activities and changes
  • Automated content search
  • Help desk delegation

Cloud Security Plus

Log management and monitoring for cloud platforms

  • Cloud security monitoring for AWS and Azure
  • Salesforce log management
  • Google Cloud platform log management
  • Easy log data search
  • Insights on user activity and network changes

DataSecurity Plus

File auditing, data loss prevention, and data risk assessment

  • File server auditing and file integrity monitoring
  • Ransomware detection and response
  • File analysis and management of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) files
  • Share and NTFS permission analysis
  • Data discovery, classification, and risk assessment
  • Prevention of data leaks via USBs and Outlook clients
  • File copy protection


File security and storage analysis solution

  • Junk and inactive data management
  • Disk usage analysis
  • User-specific storage reporting
  • Orphaned file management
  • Effective permissions analysis
  • File security vulnerability detection
  • Overexposed file identification


Customer storiesCustomer stories

I don't need to be in the application to know if something is happening that needs attention. I get reports and alerts through emails. No surprises when I walk into the office. That is peace of mind.

- Jim Lloyd, Information System manager

We selected Firewall Analyzer because it was easier to setup than all other products we evaluated, it had the best management and graphical user interface, and provided us detailed firewall reports to meet FINRA, SEC, and SOX IT audit requirements

- Bob Fuller, Director of IT

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