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The unified solution for your
SharePoint organization

Report, audit, manage, monitor, migrate, and back up SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online

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The unified solution for your SharePoint organization

SharePoint provides a variety of management and reporting features, however, there are limitations that could prevent you from taking full advantage of it. SharePoint Manager Plus helps you overcome those limitations. It offers an exhaustive set of features that helps you manage SharePoint sites and permissions, audit critical changes, get analytics reports , delegate custom tasks, schedule backups, and monitor your hybrid SharePoint environment's performance without a hassle.

What can SharePoint Manager Plus do?

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SharePoint reporting

Get exhaustive information on your hybrid SharePoint environments with comprehensive reports.

  • Get quick and easy access to categorized reports such as statistics, security, activity, and usage analytics.
  • Export reports in multiple formats like XLS, CSV, PDF, and HTML.
  • Schedule reports to run automatically, so you can focus on other important tasks.
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SharePoint reporting

SharePoint auditing

Get audit logs for events and changes in your SharePoint environment. Meet compliance and forensic requirements with out-of-the-box reports.

  • Audit component level changes made to document libraries, lists, and list items.
  • Audit real-time security level changes for permissions and groups.
  • Export audit reports in XLS, CSV, PDF, and HTML formats.
  • Archive and restore audits whenever necessary for compliance regulations.
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SharePoint auditing

SharePoint management

Carry out critical management tasks on your SharePoint groups, site collections, and permissions from a single console.

  • Streamline permission and group management with bulk operations.
  • Grant, remove, and copy permissions with granular control.
  • Granularly delegate management tasks to technicians without elevating their native privileges.
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SharePoint management

SharePoint backup

Back up your SharePoint on-premises environments without a hitch. Simplify the process with automation tools while you focus on other crucial tasks.

  • Get the flexibility to back up whole site collections or only specific sites based on your needs.
  • Restore backed-up objects from a specific time with backup histories.
  • Use the Backup Scheduler to automate the backup process at a particular time or in regular intervals.
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SharePoint backup

SharePoint migration

Migrate SharePoint resources with ease from one environment to another on-premises or cloud environment.

  • Migrate between SharePoint on-premises (2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019) to another on-premises version or SharePoint Online.
  • Migrate whole site-collections or granularly move objects like files, lists, and libraries.
  • Simplify the migration process with the capability to copy site content and import file shares.
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SharePoint migration

SharePoint alerts

Get notified in real time on changes and security threats in your environment.

  • Get alerts categorized into Attention, Trouble, and Critical events.
  • Stay notified when, where, and by whom the change was made.
  • Create alert profiles with customizable threshold levels.
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SharePoint alerts

No server-side installation

SharePoint Manager Plus is an agentless solution that doesn't require any installation for analyzing and auditing SharePoint server data.


Supports both on-premises and cloud environments

The solution supports both on-premises and online SharePoint versions. SharePoint Manager Plus supports SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Subscription Edition, and SharePoint Online.


Infrastructure visibility

SharePoint Manager Plus, with its simple yet detailed Explorer option, enables you to view your entire environment in a hierarchical architecture (both online and on-premises servers).


Role-based delegation

Delegation helps you assign roles and empower technicians to perform SharePoint tasks within their administrative boundaries. Create custom roles that suit your organization's needs and ease the load on your administrator.

Editions comparison



for 30 days

  • Each feature of the Professional Edition will be available during the trial period (30 days).
  • You can manage, audit, and monitor up to three farms or Microsoft 365 configurations with unlimited site collections.
  • After the trial period, you can only view the collected data and generate reports from it.
  • To continuously collect, monitor, and manage data from SharePoint servers, migrate to the Standard or Professional edition.

Standard Edition

Starts at

  • 50+ prebuilt reports for on-premises and Microsoft 365 servers that help in managing, monitoring, and auditing.
  • 70+ audit reports for on-premises and Microsoft 365 SharePoint servers.
  • Schedule and create custom reports.
  • Get in-depth visibility into a hybrid SharePoint architecture with the Explorer option.
  • Receive instant email notifications.
  • Archive audit log data for a custom period of time.

Professional Edition

Starts at

  • Includes all features of the Standard edition.
  • Offers the capability to manage SharePoint permissions, groups, and users.
  • Migrate folders and files between SharePoint and OneDrive sites.
  • Import files from file share and network drives to SharePoint and OneDrive sites.
  • Multi-farm and site collection delegation.

Supported SharePoint Platforms


Hundreds of organizations trust SharePoint Manager Plus with their SharePoint environments

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