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User management

This tab allows you to modify or delete existing application users.

How to add a new technician?

  1. Specify the technician name.
  2. Provide the user name with which the technician can login to the solution.
  3. Provide the password.
  4. Select the role for the technicians from the given list.
  5. Select the tabs that the technician can view. This is a part of user delegation.
  6. Select the farm to which the technician have to be given access. Select 'All' if you want to give permission to all farms.
  7. Select the site collection from the list. Select 'All' if you want to give permission to access all site collections. Save the profile

How do I modify/delete existing technician

Once the technician is added, you can modify his/her name. You cannot modify the username and password of other technicians even if you have Admin credentials

  • To modify the technician details, click on the Edit button.
  • To delete a specific application user, click on the Delete button of the corresponding user.