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Project Management for Agile Teams.
Deliver quality working software on time, and rapidly respond to change

    Arm yourself for change.

    With comprehensive insights and analytics about any sprints in your dashboard, diverse sprint reports improve your ability to identify and respond to bottlenecks and impediments.

    Evolve your brand.

    Keep your products nimble, even as you deliver consistent releases. Effortlessly switch between planning and execution as you capture user stories in the backlog and start new sprints.

    Plan and track.

    User stories are made transparent with our customizable Scrum board. Visualize your progress as you iterate towards the next release.

    Track time to save time.

    Logging billable and non-billable hours gets simpler with the Global Timer. Log hours on specific tasks or sprints, and get a clear picture of the work your team is doing.

    Keep everyone in the loop.

    Share progress, comment on developments, and engage with your team. Schedule meetings with no hassle, and bring people together.

What is Zoho Sprints?

Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool that helps you plan your work without chaining yourself to a roadmap. It is a simple, clutter-free solution that lets improve your products quickly and continuously. That is the essence of agility. Create user stories, add estimation points, stay on track with personalized Scrum boards, and schedule your review and retrospective meetings from one place. Going agile has never been this easy.

Your agile journey, uninterrupted

Zoho Sprints is also available for iOS and Android. The mobile app helps you manage and track your agile projects. Know where each sprint stands in the Scrum board, get insights from agile reports, and collaborate on the go. 

Move swiftly. Work gracefully. Improve continuously.

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