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SQL Health Monitor - Features

SQL Server Memory Details

Granted/Maximum Workspace Memory

Total amount of memory currently granted for executing processes such as hash, sort, bulk copy, and index creation operations. Also view maximum amount of memory available for executing processes.

Optimizer/SQL Cache Memory

View the total amount of dynamic memory the server is using for query optimization/ dynamic SQL cache.

Target/Total Server Memory

Target server memory is the total amount of dynamic memory the server can consume and Total server memory is the committed memory from the buffer pool.

Locks and Latches details

Deadlocks per second - Number of lock requests per second that resulted in deadlock. This value should be zero.

Lock Waits per second - Number of lock requests per second that requests the caller to wait.

Latch Waits per second  - Number of latch requests that could not be granted immediately.

Average Latch Wait time  - Average latch wait time for latch requests that had to wait.

SQL Server Database Details

Active Transactions - Number of Active Transactions for the database.

Database Size  - Cumulative size of all data files in the database.

Log files used - Percentage of space in the log that is in use.

Log cache Hit ratio - Percentage of Log cache reads satisfied from the log cache.

Transactions per second  - Number of transactions started for the database per second.