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We surveyed 3,300 professionals working worldwide in IT and other in business functions. In Malaysia, 150 decision-makers across IT and other key business functions were surveyed from a range of private sector organisations. We've divided them into two broad categories: IT decision-makers (ITDMs) and business decision-makers (BDMs).





The democratisation of IT

IT is being decentralised


of respondents in Malaysia said their organisations have already successfully decentralised their IT infrastructure. This is higher than the global average of 64%.

Decentralisation is posing challenges for IT teams


of Malaysian ITDMs whose organisations have decentralised or are working to decentralise their IT foresee challenges in maintaining IT security levels.

The other top challenges these ITDMs believe their organisations will face are:


Based on the responses of all decision-makers in Malaysia.

But it is expected to bring a lot of benefits

Malaysian decision-makers expect the decentralisation of their organisation's IT structure to bring in several benefits, including increased recognition of the importance of IT teams and a greater scope for innovation.

Perceived benefits of decentralising IT infrastructure:


Based on the responses of ITDMs whose organisations have decentralised or are trying to decentralise their IT.

Democratisation of IT?


of respondents in Malaysia said their organization encourages non-IT employees to develop their own applications using low-code or no-code platforms. However, IT teams are still the ones most likely to be using these platforms.


of respondents in Malaysia said that their IT teams are developing applications using these platforms. This is the highest across all countries surveyed.

Let's talk security

Security isn't everyone's responsibility

Only 3% of Malaysian decision-makers said that everyone in the organisation is responsible for protecting it from cyberattacks.


of decision-makers in Malaysia place this responsibility in the hands of their chief IT officer.

Whose responsibility should it be to protect your organisation from cyberattacks?


Based on the responses of all decision-makers in Malaysia.

AI and ML are lending a hand


of Malaysian BDMs said their organizations are investing in AI and ML to help prevent cyberattacks.

However, not everyone is completely convinced about AI in security


of all Malaysian decision-makers either strongly disagree or somewhat disagree that AI and ML technologies will play a significant role in strengthening their organisation's IT security framework.

Coming to employee wellbeing

ITDMs want more from their roles

When asked what they want most from their roles in the next five years, most IT leaders picked the potential
to learn new skills and more collaboration with teams across the business.

What do you want most from your role in the next 5 years?


Based on the responses of ITDMs.

Organizations are at risk of losing their tech talent


of ITDMs in Malaysia said that they're actively looking for a new job.


of ITDMs said they're more willing to make a risky career move now than two years ago.

Be careful not to deprive them of key benefits

Given that IT leaders are at risk of attrition, organisations need to ensure they don't remove certain key benefits that IT leaders value lest their ITDMs quit. In Malaysia, technical training tops the list of current benefits ITDMs value.


of ITDMs surveyed said that the removal of technical training could drive them to resign from their organisation.

Wrapping it up

Organisations in Malaysia are decentralising their IT, but there are notable challenges in doing so. While the use of low-code platforms is being encouraged in many organisations, IT is still the most likely department to be creating applications using these platforms.

On the security front, organisations are investing in AI and ML to protect against cyberattacks, though some decision-makers are sceptical about AI's ability to help in security. Meanwhile, the importance of the IT department is rising, yet organisations are at the risk of losing their tech talent.

Wrapping it up

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