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We surveyed 3,300 professionals working worldwide in IT and in other business functions. In Singapore, 200 decision-makers across IT and other key business functions were surveyed from a range of private sector organisations. We've divided them into two broad categories: IT decision-makers (ITDMs), and business decision-makers (BDMs).





The future of IT: decentralisation

Singapore leads in decentralisation


of respondents in Singapore, the highest compared to the rest of the world, say their organisations have already successfully decentralised their IT infrastructure.

Decision-makers hope for more recognition for IT teams


of Singaporean decision-makers believe that decentralising their IT infrastructure will ensure more recognition and acknowledgement of the importance of IT's role in the business.

Other perceived benefits of decentralising IT infrastructure are:


Based on the responses of all decision-makers in Singapore

But there will be challenges too


of ITDMs whose organisations have decentralised or are working to decentralise their IT foresee challenges in maintaining IT security levels.

The other top challenges these ITDMs believe their organisations will face are:


Based on the responses of ITDMs whose organisations have decentralised or are trying to decentralise their IT

Let's talk security

Security isn't everyone's responsibility

Only 8% of Singaporean decision-makers said that everyone in the organisation is responsible for protecting it from cyberattacks. A majority of them believe that this responsibility lies with the IT and security teams or the C-suite.

Whose responsibility should it be to protect your organisation from cyberattacks?


Based on the responses of all decision-makers in Singapore.

IT has some veto powers on business decisions


of BDMs in Singapore stated that their organisation's IT teams either have complete authority or considerable authority in preventing business decisions based on technical or security concerns.

This is higher than the global average (79%), but the second lowest such response in ASEAN. In the Philippines, 97% of BDMs said their IT teams have this complete or considerable authority in preventing decisions, followed by Indonesia with 87%, Singapore with 85%, and Malaysia with 69%.

AI is lending a hand.


of Singaporean BDMs said their organisations have invested in AI and ML to prevent cyberattacks.

Organisations are
at risk of losing tech talent

IT leaders are feeling alienated


of ITDMs in Singapore said that they were consulted inadequately as their organisations adopted a flexible working model. This is the highest across the world—the global average was just 26%.

Loyalty is dropping

59% of Singaporean ITDMs said (i.e., they somewhat agree or strongly agree) that they feel less loyal to their employer than they did two years ago. This is a bit high, seeing that the global average was 49%. But more worryingly for organisations:


of ITDMs in Singapore strongly agree that they feel less loyal than they did two years ago to their current employer. This is the highest compared to the rest of the world (21%).

Don't touch their benefits!

With loyalty dropping, organisations need to be careful not to take away benefits and opportunities that are valued by their tech talent. Removing these could drive ITDMs to resign.

In Singapore, the top factors that, if no longer offered, could lead ITDMs to leave their current organisation are:


Wrapping it up

Organisations in Singapore are ahead of the world when it comes to the decentralisation of their IT infrastructure. While maintaining IT security levels may be a challenge, decision-makers expect this move to also bring benefits such as more recognition for IT teams and an increased scope for innovation.

However, while the importance of IT may be on the rise, IT leaders in Singapore feel less loyal towards their organisations than they did two years ago. Businesses need to ensure they don't take away certain benefits and opportunities that ITDMs value; doing so may cost them valuable tech talent.

Wrapping it up

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