The SysAdmin Day 2021 campaign has ended. See you next year with another set of interesting activities and a lot more prizes.


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SysAdmin Day 2021

Here's to the warriors who helped the IT stay strong and tall—providing seamless
transitions to WFH and ensuring business continuity when everything else was
literally falling apart. Help us to celebrate our heroes. Happy SysAdmin Day!

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It has been a hectic year! Take some time to cool off from battling VPN attacks, password
resets, and other complex IT tasks. We have three interesting activities lined up for you.
Complete them all for your chance to win an iPad Air*.

  • E-cards

    The sureshot way to your IT warrior's inbox and their hearts.

  • Jigsaw time
    Jigsaw time

    Putting broken pieces together can be fun and earn you prizes too.

  • Unscramble

    Do you have a way with words? Show us and win some prizes.

Send e-cards

If your work was unaffected by network outages, server crashes or machines going bad, you
know you have a stellar IT team to thank. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and send
some thanks and love.

Jigsaw time

Here is 30-piece jigsaw puzzle. Choose the image you would like to solve and start putting
the pieces together. Remember, two of the fastest among you to solve the jigsaw puzzle will
win a Polaroid camera*.

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If you loved bringing images together, you will love this too. Rearrange the characters to
unscramble the IT terms. Two winners, who provide all correct answers, will win
a HomePod mini*.

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Maintaining and disposing a company's assets as required.

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A look back

Here's how we celebrated SysAdmin Day in the past.