The Advanced State of Business-IT Alignment

A ManageEngine survey conducted by StollzNow Research.

It's all about business

It's all about business

Shaping the business.


believe that their IT department is involved in at least some business decisions.

Positivity is in the air.


believe that their IT department has a positive impact on their business’s bottom line.

Technologies of tomorrow.


believe that the Internet of Everything is the major future technology that will affect their businesses.

Getting cloud savvy

Getting cloud savvy

It’s everywhere.


say that they have already moved to the cloud platform.

Impacting businesses for good.


believe that the cloud has made a positive impact on their business processes.

Yet, there's more to it.


are planning to invest further in cloud platforms in the next 12 months.

Enterprises go mobile

Enterprises go mobile

BYOD hasn't truly arrived yet.


say their organization lets employees bring their devices to work.

On a positive note.


believe mobile devices have had a positive impact on all business areas.

Reigning in apps.


believe employees use outside applications for their work.

Service at its best

Service at its best

All in a day's work.


say that they can resolve an issue or incident within 24 hours.

Nothing beats old school.


still believe that email is the best way to raise a support request.

Because networks are key.


say that network-related metrics are the best way to measure operational excellence.

Security at the gates

Security at the gates

Recent ICT issues.


say that they've faced one or more ICT-related security issues in the past 12 months.

The future seems challenging.


believe that the cyber world is not getting any safer.

Does your organization take care of your devices?


say that their organization installs security updates and patches on their devices automatically.

Thank you!

Note: Survey data represents responses from 152 Australian businesses with 25 or more employees.