TMF Management Solutions

AdventNet's end-to-end TMF solutions encompass TMF enabled EMS solutions and mediation. The TMF standards set forth by the TeleManagement Forum enables easy interoperability in multi-vendor multi-technology environments. In management infrastructures where NEs and EMS/NMS systems based on different standards and protocols have to interwork among themselves and with northbound OSS systems, a standard interface will ease integration. Large incumbents service providers like AT&T, Worldcom and equipment vendors like Lucent and Fujitsu have successfully leveraged the TMF standards to drive easy interoperability and operations.

Early momentum for TMF adoption has been driven by network elements in the SONET/SDH and DWDM domains with some limited adoption in the ATM world.

TMF EMS Solutions

Service providers and equipment vendors who use (or choose to use) AdventNet's Web NMS platform for implementing EMS solutions can enable their EMS with northbound TMF 513/814 support seamlessly using WebNMS TMF EMS module. The EMS layer support is provided as an WebNMS Framework module supporting the TMF northbound CORBA interface.

TMF Mediation

Service providers and equipment vendors who already have EMS/NMS solutions and desire to complement these solutions with TMF capability, can leverage WebNMS TMF Adapter. Please contact for information on TMF Mediation.