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ManageEngine®OpManager MSP Training

This course aims at enabling you with the required skills to effectively monitor distributed customer networks as a service using OpManager MSP.

The duration of the course is two days, with a seven-hour session each day and can be extended subject to consultation and implementation needs if any.

Course Objectives Who Should Attend Course Agenda

Course Agenda

Understanding the business benefits

  • Monitoring Servers,Routers,Switches, Domain controllers, Firewalls across remote networks
  • Alerting when there is an impending potential failure of a network resource
  • Integrated help desk facilitating automatic trouble-ticketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Patch Management
  • Reporting
  • Remote Control


  • Need for Distribution
  • Advantages of Agent-less Distributed Architecture
  • Central Server Architecture
  • Probe Architecture
  • Central and Probe Communication

Installing and Configuring

  • Installing Central
  • Adding Customers
  • Adding Probes and Registering with Central
  • Concept of Shared Probes and Dedicated Probes
  • Installing Probe
  • Configuring Discovery

Monitoring Performance

  • System Resource Monitoring (SNMP, CLI, WMI)
  • Monitoring Traffic
  • Monitoring URLs
  • Monitoring Windows Services
  • TCP Services Monitoring
  • Vendor Specific Monitors
  • Applications Monitoring (Exchange, Active Directory, Lotus Domino, Oracle)

Alerting Faults

  • Mail and SMS Server Configuration
  • Events and Alerm Correlation
  • Different Types of Alerts
  • Working with Alarms
  • Notifying Alerts through Email, SMS etc
  • Alarm Escalation

HelpDesk Management

  • Customer case tracking
  • Self Service portal
  • Knowledge base
  • SLA Management
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Reporting

Inventory Management

  • Scan settings
  • Hardware and Software Assets

Security Management

  • Scan Settings
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Windows Patch Management
  • Remote Control
  • Configuration
  • Types of viewers


  • Monitoring Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • Security Report
  • Scheduled reports

User Management

  • Default Users
  • Creating Customer/Probe-specific Users
  • HelpDesk Users
  • Defining Users Scope


  • Quick Configuration Wizard
  • Down Time scheduler
  • MIB Browser
  • Rebranding


  • Mistakes that can be averted
  • Tips to Troubleshoot
  • Useful Links

Other Training Agenda

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