• ManageEngine Certification

Vulnerability Manager Plus Training

This document is for common for on-prem, and cloud. It will be handled contextually during training

5.0.0 Vulnerability Management

  • How to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities based on severity and exploit status?
  • How to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities based on Vulnerability age and severity?
  • How to remediate specific vulnerabilities?
  • How to mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities?
  • How to manage Vulnerability for closed network?


5.0.1 Patch Management Workflow

  • Understanding detection logic from ManageEngine
  • Understanding patch testing from ManageEngine patch team
  • How to Identify missing patches


5.0.2 Patch Management Architecture

  • How to Manage OS & Third party patches
  • How to manage a patching process for a DMZ


5.0.3 Supported platforms

  • Understanding the types of supported patches
  • Overview of Linux patch management


5.0.4 Connectivity settings

  • How to Configure Proxy settings
  • Configure direct connection or Via proxy


5.0.5 Patch DatabaseUpdate

  • How to configure patch database update manually
  • How to synchronize patch database update Automatically

5.0.6 Patch Scan

  • How to initiate a patch Scan manually
  • Automatic Patch scan

(NOTE: The Patch scan is automatic everyday when the patch database gets updated)



5.0.7 System Health Policy

  • Understanding Computer view

5.0.8 Different GUI Patch views

  • Understanding Computer view
  • Understanding Patch view

5.0.9 Identify Missing Patches

  • How to Export the views into reports?
  • How to Create filters with different view?

5.1.0 Deployment Policy

  • How to schedule deployment?
  • How to choose Wake On LAN option?
  • How to customize the user notification?
  • How to customize reboot policy?



5.1.1 Manual patch deployment from the server

  • How to install a patch to all the required systems?
  • How to install all the missing patches on the computer?
  • How to link the Deployment policy?
  • How to get notification for installed/failed patches?
  • Understanding the execution status GUI view




5.1.2 Test and approve for patches

  • How to create test groups?
  • How to customize auto approval settings?

5.1.3 Define automatic patch deployment

  • How to create an automatic patch task?
  • How to schedule a patch Deployment?
  • How to link deployment policy?
  • How to get notification for installed/failed patches?
  • Understanding the execution status GUI view



5.1.4 Exclude patch from being reported as missing

  • How to decline a patch for a group?
  • How to customize declined patches based on criteria?

5.1.5 Verify the status of Patch Deployment

5.1.6 Patch Management Reports

  • Understanding Vulnerable Systems report
  • Understanding Vulnerable Patches Report
  • Understanding Latest Patches report
  • Understanding Patch summary based on Remote office
  • Understanding supported patches view

5.1.7 Patch clean up settings

  • How to configure patch clean up automatically?


5.1.8 Patch Management Alerts

  • How to configure Notification when a task is complete?

6.0.0 Miscellaneous Configurations / Settings

6.0.1 How to create Creating Custom Users and Computer Groups?

6.0.2 How to Personalize Web Console?

  • Rebranding

6.0.3 How to Schedule Database Backup?

6.0.4 How to Schedule Database optimization?

  • How to use DesktopCentral mobile application?
  • How to configure Remote DB access?

7.0.0 Privacy Settings

7.0.1 How to Mask Personal data (PII)?

7.0.2 Understanding DPO Dashboard

7.0.3 Understanding System Hardening dashboard



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