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  • Session 1 ML / AI in SIEM Date & Time Oct 19 at 10 AM EST | 3 PM GMT
  • Session 2 SIEM Date & Time Oct 26 at 10 AM EST | 3 PM GMT
  • Session 3 Zero Trust Date & Time Nov 2 at 10 AM EST | 3 PM GMT
  • Session 4 Password security Date & Time Nov 9 at 10 AM EST | 3 PM GMT
  • Session 5 IAM Date & Time Nov 16 at 10 AM EST | 3 PM GMT
  • Session 6 Cloud security Date & Time Nov 23 at 10 AM EST | 3 PM GMT


  • Vivin Senior technical evangelist
  • Ram Technical evangelist
  • Megha Technical evangelist
  • Sharada Technical evangelist
  • Andy Technical evangelist
  • Harish Senior technical evangelist


  • Watch presentations from speakers with impeccable credentials.
  • Consult with our experts. Discuss your IAM and cybersecurity challenges with them.
  • Listen to our experts' take on the latest trends and happenings from the IAM and cybersecurity space.
  • Dedicated Q&A hour at the end of each session.
  • Learn from the comfort of your home or workplace.



  • The need for ML in today's era of cybersecurity.
  • How to solve tasks.
  • Using risk scores, anomaly modeling and seasonality for threat detection.
  • What the future holds for ML in security information and event management (SIEM).

Fundamentals of SIEM

  • Fundamentals of SIEM: Real-time analysis of all alerts from across the network.
  • The major components of an effective SIEM solution.
  • Building a next-gen security operations center from the ground up.
  • Metrics to measure the effectiveness of your SOC.

Why Zero Trust should be at the forefront of your IAM strategy

  • Provide frictionless access with MFA and SSO.
  • Validate changes with a request and approve process.
  • Employ the principle of least privilege (POLP) and just-in-time (JIT) access.
  • Disable accounts of former employees automatically.
  • Monitor and audit privileged user activity.

Improved password security in the times of remote working

  • Implement conditional access based on risk factors such as the user's IP address, time of access, and geolocation.
  • Enforce MFA for VPN logons to protect remote workforce.
  • Enhanced password policy for a hybrid environment.

Overview of native delegation

  • Implementing least privilege delegation for IAM.
  • Checklist for effectual Identity creation and management.
  • Automate IAM tasks by exerting supervision.

Cloud security - Azure fundamentals

  • Running through basics of Azure and its limitations.
  • Azure Security Center and the security alerts it provides.
  • Covering the gaps in Azure Security, steps to implement ATP.
  • How ManageEngine Log360 can help monitor your Azure infrastructure.

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