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  • March 2024

    Domain controller backup and recovery

    Back up domain controllers and restore them to any previous state in the event of a disaster.

  • JANUARY 2024

    Support for Zoho WorkDrive

    RecoveryManager Plus enables seamless backup and restoration of all files and folders within your team's Zoho WorkDrive folders, including users' personal drives. Instantly restore files and folders to their previous state within the same or a different folder as needed.

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  • December 2023

    Enhanced dashboard

    The dashboard has been redesigned with a new user interface that allows you to view the backup and restoration information, licensing, and repository details related to your Active Directory, Entra ID, and Exchange (on-premises and online) environments at a glance.

  • December 2023

    Backup type selection

    You can now trigger incremental or full backups based on your need when initiating AD and Entra ID backups from the dashboard.

  • October 2023

    SSL certification tool

    A completely revamped SSL certification tool allows you to easily apply SSL certificates for RecoveryManager Plus with just UI-based actions.

  • September 2023

    Backup and restore support for new Entra ID object types

    Entra ID policies and administrative units can now be backed up and restored.

    Email notifications support for all Entra ID backup and restore operations.

  • June 2023

    Backup archive for Active Directory and Entra ID

    It is now possible to store Active Directory and Entra ID backups in archives to ensure prolonged data retention. The backup archives can be stored in local, shared, cloud (Azure blob storage and Azure Files), and NAS storage.

  • June 2023

    Security hardening

    Configure multiple security settings to enhance product security.


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  • Active Directory

    Backup explorer and recovery enhancement (usability improvement)

    Backups for service accounts along with managed and group-managed service accounts

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  • Entra ID (previously Azure AD)

    Support for custom attribute backup in Entra ID

    Microsoft Intune configuration profiles and Microsoft Intune compliance backup

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  • Exchange

    Support for stopping the execution of backup and export tasks that are running.

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  • Microsoft 365

    Option to stop running backup and export operations

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  • Google Workspace

    Email notification support

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  • Enhancements

    Dashboard for SharePoint, Google Workspace, and Zoho WorkDrive modules

    Ember and JQuery version upgrade

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  • Other features

    Salesforce backup and restoration: Support for backup and restoration of Salesforce configuration and CRM data

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  • Microsoft 365

    Comprehensive Microsoft Teams backup

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  • Other features

    SaaS version of RecoveryManager Plus

    Support for AWS S3 buckets as a backup repository

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Azure AD support

Extends all the capabilities of ADSelfService Plus to Azure AD users, including self-service password reset, adaptive MFA, SSO, password sync, and the Password Policy Enforcer.

Security hardening

This feature will ensure admins have configured all the important security settings in the product through a consolidated view of the security settings.

Tomcat and PostgreSQL upgradation

The Tomcat and PostgreSQL versions used in the product will soon be upgraded to versions 9.0.70 and 14.5 respectively.

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