Ask Zia

Ask Zia

Amidst tons of raw data lies a huge business opportunity, but bringing out this hidden insight can be a big challenge. This is where Ask Zia comes in.

Zia, the intelligent analytics assistant is enabled with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand users' questions and offer powerful insights immediately, in the form of relevant visualizations. Zia uses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continuously learn from user inputs to improve accuracy and relevance of answers.

You can simply Ask Zia questions like, "What was my sales last month?", "Show me the delayed requests", or even "Get me the tasks that need to be completed by today". It will interpret your questions, fetch data from relevant data sources, and generate the most appropriate reports.

Ask Zia learns the patterns in your questions over time, and provides accurate and personal suggestions to frame questions. This helps you work faster and smarter.

Zia allows you to frame questions both in English and Spanish. The language specified in your Analytics Plus account will be the default language for Zia, and can be changed as required.

The following sections explain how Ask Zia works:

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