License Management

License Management

You can easily manage various licensing components, or apply a new license using the License Management section of the Settings page. This page also lists details of the allowed usage and current usage of users and concurrent viewers. 

Purchase or upgrade your license

To purchase Analytics Plus, please write to Upon purchase confirmation, you will receive a license file in an email. To apply the new license, click the Click here to apply your new license section, and upload the required license file.

Apply Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) license

In addition to the license file, users on the perpetual pricing model are also required to upload the Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) license file in the License Management page. (To learn more about the various pricing models, click here.) Upon AMS renewal, you will receive the AMS license file from (please write to if you haven't received one). Click the Click here to apply your new license section, and upload this file.

Downgrade your license

If you wish to downgrade from the Professional edition to the Standard edition, apply the required Standard edition license in the Click here to apply your new license section.

Confirm your selection in the consequent popups that appear. 


  • Complete deletion: If workspaces created from unsupported data sources are present in Analytics Plus, they will be completely deleted.

  • Partial deletion: If the workspace contains data from both the supported data source, and other unsupported data sources, it will be partially deleted to remove only the data from the unsupported data sources.

You can access these deleted workspaces from the Trash management section of the Settings page, and restore them if needed. The workspaces will be permanently deleted after 45 days. 

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