Analytics Plus for ITSM

Improving IT service delivery with out-of-the-box IT service management analytics

Analytics Plus for ITSM

ManageEngine Market Brief: Analytics for IT

Over the last decade, IT systems and processes globally have reached a point of maturity at which we now have tools and processes for IT. However, the IT systems and IT tools are very often disparate and operate in silos. This also applies to the data they generate, and that makes it difficult to correlate data from multiple systems and derive insights required for troubleshooting, trend forecasting, or IT planning.

ManageEngine understands that the inability to derive insights from disparate data islands is a problem for IT teams, and they are looking for a solution. That will be the next big hurdle for IT teams to clear before they can become insightful and productive.

In response, ManageEngine introduces Analytics Plus, a newly-launched, self-service analytics solution for IT management. This on-premise solution is complemented by Zoho Reports, a SaaS solution that can provide IT analytics capabilities to the market. These IT analytics solutions will evolve as a unified IT dashboard that can show insights from heterogeneous IT tools and systems across the enterprise.

Now is the Time for IT Analytics

Too many tools, too much data.

Research shows that the typical midsize to large organization uses 30+ tools to run IT operations. In most cases, these tools operate as independent islands. As a result, the data they generate is hidden away in silos, so IT teams are challenged with unlocking any insight that data may offer.

Moreover, the explosion of tools being used in IT departments is driving the need to see data in a unified way, correlate it and derive insights to make decisions. Better decision making for IT using analytics is a high priority for management teams. ManageEngine is working to unify IT data from various data sources and provide insights via dashboards and reports.

Business intelligence bust.

Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools overpromised and underdelivered. These tools are complex and difficult to use for regular IT users and difficult to work with in a DIY model. Instead, traditional BI tools require experts, such as data scientists, who are hard to find and expensive to find. The market needs analytics software that’s easy to use for any user — from IT admins to managers, CIOs and CEOs — regardless of expertise.

Business intelligence tools are also expensive, both in terms of the licenses and the professional services effort to put them together. At ManageEngine, we are applying our DIY philosophy to this problem, creating a solution that any “regular” user can use without knowledge of data science, databases or programming.

IT is not a general purpose discipline.

Many business intelligence and analytics vendors, such as Tableau, Qlik and others, offer industry-generic platforms. Very few vendors have deep knowledge of business intelligence and analytics technologies as well as deep knowledge of the IT management market.

ManageEngine enjoys a unique advantage over general-purpose alternatives. Through our sister division, we have built expertise in business intelligence and analytics technologies over the last 10 years and offer it as a generic BI SaaS solution called Zoho Reports. And as a leader in IT management software, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of products that serve over 120,000 organizations worldwide. With Analytics Plus, we are bringing our BI expertise to the IT management world.

Product Roadmap: Analytics Plus for ITSM and Beyond

In the last few years, IT service management (ITSM) and the IT service desk have rapidly evolved to become the cornerstone of any IT strategy, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality IT services efficiently. ServiceDesk Plus, ManageEngine’s flagship ITSM solution, contains ITSM process data that can help IT teams deliver high-quality IT service.

IT decision makers are constantly trying to improve their IT delivery capabilities via better process optimization and higher efficiency. To do this, they must be able to analyze the ITSM data in their service desk software and generate insights from it. We constantly get this feedback from our ServiceDesk Plus customers as they look for better ways to improve their ITSM capabilities and efficiency using our product.

Beyond the inaugural offering of Analytics Plus for ITSM, ManageEngine plans to expand Analytics Plus with more capabilities in the areas of ITSM analytics, IT operational analytics and IT security analytics as well as advanced analytical capabilities such as predictive analytics. The solution will also grow to support ManageEngine and non-ManageEngine tools and products that are used by IT teams.