Server and application management

On-premises and cloud-based solutions that IT operations and DevOps teams count on to monitor server and application performance.

Application Management - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Server and Application management (On-premises)

Applications Manager

  • Comprehensive application management software that gives deep performance insight into complex, dynamic environments; Reduce troubleshooting time and improve performance of your business-critical applications
  • With out-of-the box support for 100+ applications spanning physical, virtual, and cloud environments, enterprise application management has never been easier.
  • Detect performance bottlenecks early, identify root cause quickly, and resolve issues proactively before they affect end users
  • Unlike other application management tools , with Applications Manager know exactly how your users experience your applications with the help of real user monitoring; Ensure that the performance of your applications are seamless and service delivery is uninterrupted.
  • Get capacity planning and trending insights about the performance of your applications to help plan for business expansion and stay ahead of competition at all times. .

Application Control and Privilege Management Software

Application Control Plus

  • Instantly discover and filter all running applications.
  • Simplify application control list creation and management by using predefined rules.
  • Build application whitelists by enforcing a trust-centric approach.
  • Prevent malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, and advanced persistent threats by blacklisting malicious executables and applications.
  • Cater to your network's unique prerequisites utilizing the various flexibility modes available.
  • Easily manage and resolve greylisted applications.
  • Control application-specific privileged access, and reduce the chances of attacks leveraging privileged credentials.

Website and Server Monitoring (Cloud)


  • Monitor the uptime and response time of websites, API endpoints, and other dependent services like DNS, FTP, SMTP servers, and more from 110+ global locations.
  • Simulate critical web transactions on a real browser to detect poor performance and functionality issues before your customers.
  • Monitor page load performance for real users; understand the impact of CDN and third-party scripts on page experience; isolate issues by dimensions like device and browser; and more with real user monitoring.
  • Monitor resource usage metrics and log events for VMs, servers, and application services running on public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure as well as running in on-premises data centers.
Site24x7 StatusIQ

Status and incident communication platform

Site24x7 StatusIQ

  • Communicate service incidents transparently with your customers and employees.
  • Provide updates about ongoing incidents, and keep your customers in the loop.
  • Host status pages for internal users via IP restriction and password protection.
  • Provides email and SMS notifications for status page subscribers about incidents or maintenance.
  • Customize status pages with your domain, logo, and favicon.
Site24x7 APM Insigh

Application performance monitoring and troubleshooting

Site24x7 APM Insight

  • Optimize the response time of your applications by eliminating performance bottlenecks for applications built on Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, NodeJS, and mobile platforms.
  • Gain insights into all kinds of errors and exceptions, and improve application performance.
  • Identify component failures in the application infrastructure, and effectively debug them.
  • Get detailed performance metrics on the overall performance of the database to identify slow database calls.
  • Get AI-powered alerts, and prevent degraded application performance for your end users.

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Customer Stories

  • "Applications Manager beats other monitoring solutions by far. You can't get a similar solution with all these options and the great support..."

    - Guido Thonissen, ICT Manager, Certis Europe

  • "By running ManageEngine Applications Manager, we were able monitor the different components of the system (database, web server and operating system)...

    - Database Architect, Parliament