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    Predefined data protection

    Use predefined data leak prevention policies to audit and protect files from being copied or moved.

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    More than just copy protection

    Detect, disrupt, and respond to sensitive data leaks via USB, email, printer, and more through endpoint security monitoring.

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    Simple interface, powerful features

    Leverage the granular control offered by copy protection solution to disable file copy actions across specific workstations or groups in response to critical events.

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  • Anti-file-copy software

    Monitor files copied in real time, and prevent the unwarranted transfer of critical data across local and network shares.

  • USB data copy protection

    Prevent the unauthorized sharing and transfer of your organization's critical data across multiple devices including mobile phones, USBs, etc.

  • Automated system response

    Use quick and interactive system prompts to warn users of policy violations when they attempt to copy critical files.

  • Audit file copy events

    Track and analyze all attempts made by your employees to copy files, including failed ones using our copy protection software.

Detect and prevent sensitive data leaks via USB devices, email, and more using our data leak prevention tool