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    Gain visibility into file activities

    Keep a close eye on file change activities by employees, identify access anomalies, and respond to security threats such as ransomware attacks.

    Gain visibility into file activities
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    Spot permission vulnerabilities:

    Analyze files and spot issues like broken inheritances, overexposed files, files owned by stale users, and more.

    Spot permission vulnerabilities
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    Locate PII and ePHI:

    Scan, locate, and classify sensitive data located in Windows file server and failover cluster environments.

    Locate PII and ePHI
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    Endpoint data security:

    Protect sensitive data leakage via endpoints by implementing the data security tool's built-in leak prevention policies. 

    Endpoint data security
  • Monitor critical files

    Ensure file server security by tracking file changes, analyzing file access trends, and verifying the integrity of critical files.

  • Storage and permission analysis

    Analyze file metadata, permissions, and storage practices to check permission hygiene and optimize disk usage. 

  • Data security tool

    Secure sensitive data and prevent it from leaving your network via endpoints such as USBs, email, printers, and more.

  • Ensure least privilege

    Identify files that require the most stringent data security measures, and verify that their permissions are suitably restrictive.

Safeguard enterprise data from unauthorized use and exfiltration with data leak prevention software.