Desktop, mobile device, and browser security management

Solutions for IT departments and MSPs to centralize management of mobile devices, desktop computers, and web browsers.

Desktop Central

Holistic unified endpoint management and security

Desktop Central

  • End-to-end patch management with automated OS and third-party patching.
  • Instant applications deployment using built-in templates.
  • Instantly troubleshoot remote devices via one-click desktop sharing capabilities.
  • Real-time asset management for complete hardware and software assets.
  • Enforce maximum endpoint security to all network users and devices.
  • Embrace modern management approach to all smartphones & BYOD devices.
Desktop Central

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Mobile Device Manager Plus

  • Cross-platform support for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iPadOS and tvOS.
  • Install, uninstall, configure and update apps without user intervention.
  • Over 30 security restrictions and configurations for enhanced device and data security.
  • Containerize devices to eliminate user privacy concerns in a BYOD setup.
  • Monitor and allow users to access the corporate Exchange account only using enrolled devices.
  • Integrate with other solutions using publicly available APIs for comprehensive device management.
Desktop Central MSP

Remote Monitoring and Management Tool (RMM)

Desktop Central MSP

  • Award-winning software optimized into an RMM for MSPs.
  • Manage clients' desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices from your browser.
  • Automate patching for endpoints running on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Patch over 850 first-party and third-party applications, including antivirus software.
  • Track granular asset data for hardware and software, including asset usage.
  • Troubleshoot remote computers with the help of chat, video and audio calls, and dedicated shortcuts.
  • Blacklist applications; geo-track, lock, wipe, and shut down remote devices; secure USB usage and browsers; manage firewalls; and so much more.
OS Deployer

OS Imaging and Deployment

OS Deployer

  • Imaging and deployment solution for Windows software
  • Captures the master image of a computer's Windows operating system and Windows applications
  • Deploys master image simultaneously to multiple servers, laptops, and desktops
  • Retrieves information on client computers at anytime
  • Generates comprehensive reports to audit IT assets
  • Customizes user privileges by delegating activities
  • Integrates desktop management with third-party help desks
Patch Connect Plus

Manage third party patches with Microsoft SCCM

Patch Connect Plus

  • Add to the existing capabilities of Microsoft SCCM and add ability to patch third party applications
  • Uses the same SCCM patch deployment infrastructure
  • Supports updates of over 250 third party applications
  • Automates scan and deployment of patches
  • Receive notifications on status of patches deployed
Patch Manager Plus

Automated Patch management solution
- on premise and on cloud

Patch Manager Plus

  • Cloud based patch automation for Windows and 250+ third party applications
  • Distributed and remote office patching
  • Automate patching process from detection to deployment
  • Regularly scan for vulnerabilities and patches
  • Pre test patches for their stability
  • User notifications, customizations and patching controls
  • Maintain continuous compliance with security standards
  • Deny patches for specific groups or applications
  • Advanced patch management reports and audits
Remote Access Plus

Remote Access Software

Remote Access Plus

  • HIPAA compliant advanced Remote Control to troubleshoot any issue.
  • 12+ handy tools to remotely resolve issues in lightening speed.
  • Voice, video and text chats to instantly communicate with end-users.
  • Collaborative troubleshooting with multi-monitor support.
  • User confirmation and ability to record remote sessions.
  • Real-time logging and reports.
  • Power options to optimise production costs & boost productivity.
Browser Security Plus

Browser Management and Security Software

Browser Security Plus

  • Configure and deploy policies to prevent threats and data breaches
  • Manage and control browser extensions and plugins
  • Isolate IT approved and unapproved sites to prevent data breaches
  • Ensure compliance with predefined standards like STIG and CIS
Zoho Assist

Remote Support Software

Zoho Assist

  • Web-based solution to access remote computers. Supports multiple monitors.
  • Access remote computers both inside and outside LAN.
  • Distribute unattended access MSI through Windows group policy.
  • Transfer files, reboot and reconnect (both normal and safe mode) and UAC compatible.
  • Firewall-friendly, data transmission secured with SSL and 128-bit AES protocol.
Remote Mobile Device Management for MSPs

Remote Mobile Device Management for MSPs

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP

  • Multi-tenancy support to allow management of different enterprises' devices from a single console.
  • Deploy devices in minutes with automated enrollment of Apple, Android, Windows and Chrome devices.
  • Securely access and distribute enterprise resources.
  • Remotely control devices without installing additional agents.
  • Manage mobile assets and track device-related information.
  • Protect corporate data on lost devices with instant remote commands.
  • Available as an on-premises and Cloud solution.

Application Control and Privilege Management Software

Application Control Plus

  • Instantly discover and filter all running applications.
  • Simplify application control list creation and management by using predefined rules.
  • Build application whitelists by enforcing a trust-centric approach.
  • Prevent malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, and advanced persistent threats by blacklisting malicious executables and applications.
  • Cater to your network's unique prerequisites utilizing the various flexibility modes available.
  • Easily manage and resolve greylisted applications.
  • Control application-specific privileged access, and reduce the chances of attacks leveraging privileged credentials.
Device Control Plus

Data leakage prevention software for removable devices

Device Control Plus

  • Control, block and monitor the actions of all USB and peripheral devices
  • Create and deploy policies to prevent data loss and data theft via removable devices
  • Set file transfer restrictions to prevent unauthorized data movement to or from your computer
  • Implement role-based access control to prevent unauthorized access to your data
  • Grant temporary access to removable devices to prevent excessive access privileges
  • Create a trusted device list and authorize only those devices to access your computer
  • Spot and remediate insider activity with intuitive dashboards and meticulous audit reports

Enterprise vulnerability management software

Vulnerability Manager Plus

  • Continuously monitor and automate scanning to stay informed of emerging vulnerabilities.
  • Predict real risks from a plethora of vulnerabilities.
  • Detect and eliminate security misconfigurations like default passwords, open shares, unauthorized users, etc.
  • Automate what to patch, when to patch, and how to patch for Windows, macOS, Linux, and over 250 third-party applications.
  • Safeguard your internet-facing servers from many attack variants, like XSS, clickjacking, and brute-force attacks,etc.
  • Detect and eliminate unauthorized and unsupported software in your network.
  • Mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities without having to wait for a patch.
Endpoint DLP Plus

Advanced data loss prevention solution for endpoints

Endpoint DLP Plus

  • Automate in-depth content inspection to pinpoint the locations of all structured and unstructured sensitive data including intellectual property and PII such as health records and financial accounts.
  • Categorize common types of sensitive files using predefined templates or custom mechanisms.
  • Containerize data to specific trusted applications.
  • Select exactly which browsers and web domains are allowed to process sensitive data. Block all illicit sensitive data transfers via third-party cloud storage or services.
  • Prevent data leakage or espionage by monitoring and controlling sensitive email attachments being sent via enterprise and Outlook email addresses.
  • Monitor and control peripheral devices to prevent data leakage
  • Grant policy overrides and swiftly remediate false positives
  • Leverage dashboard infographics to stay up to date on data activities within the network
  • Analyze in-depth reports to track user behavior in order to prevent insider threats

Mobile Applications from ManageEngine

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Customer Stories

  • "We were looking for MDM features that can help us to track inventory of mobile devices, view software versions in dashboard, and more importantly it should be user friendly and cost effective..."

    - Blake Rodmeyer, IT Manager Guaranty Bank & Trust

  • "Desktop Central has certainly simplified software deployment tasks for over 10000 systems ans it's either a 9 or 10(Out of 10) of features."

    - Jason Beckett, Prime Healthcare Services

  • "ServiceDesk Plus is an ITIL wizard, makes ITIL easy.It's affordable, fast and flexible, covers every aspect of helpdesk what our businesses need."

    - Aaron Bockelie, Warner Bros Games