Device Control Overview

What is Device Control?

Device control controls and regulates peripheral device access, fencing your organization and restricting unauthorized device access to critical enterprise data from your network. By enforcing stringent device policies, you can manage the peripheral devices in your network and oversee the information accessed by the devices from your endpoints, along with the device details.

Comprehensive device control built for your organization's evolving needs

Your employees may have to use a plethora of portable devices in combination with your endpoints to complete their tasks. However, plugging an unverified peripheral device into your endpoint can create a security loophole, acting as a backdoor for attackers to exfiltrate all your sensitive information, such as financial archives, passwords, PII, and PHI, to name a few. Hence, a robust device control solution is needed to scan meticulously and manage all peripheral devices that are entering or are already active within your network.

Why Device Control Plus?

With the traditional perimeter of network security becoming less effective in the wake of advanced cyber threats and the hybrid workforce becoming a necessity, Device Control Plus is a robust solution that offers device intrusion prevention, a Zero Trust security model, device classification, file action management, as well as privileged access assignment—all in one device control solution to protect your businesses from cyber threats.

How Device Control Plus outperforms traditional data protection methods:

Not just limited to a conventional peripheral device control approach, Device Control Plus also relies on the principle of Zero Trust. It fortifies your network with a secure layer between removable devices and endpoints. Every time a peripheral device connects to an endpoint, the admin is alerted about the attempt, and this incident is also logged in the audits section for future audits and analysis.

These days, virtual machines are widely used in the IT landscape for disaster recovery and testing. Setting up a VM is a no-brainer task with zero restrictions against the entry of peripheral devices. So any device can enter the endpoint and access the data without any hindrance. Device Control Plus in the VMs beside the endpoint can protect your data from these threats.

Benefits of Device Control Plus

Effortless and effective device management

You need not have to exhaust time managing devices manually. Device Control Plus, with its re-defined and template policies helps eliminate hours spent devising a policy afresh. Once you deploy the policies, the enforcement will be automated and continue even when the system is offline.

Instantly identify unapproved peripheral device access

Expand your visibility into device and user activities, and observe user behavior patterns to catch the warning signs of a potential insider attack or external threat. Device Control Plus also alerts when a blocked device connects to an endpoint, notifying the intended recipients about the same.

Zero Trust-based security model

With Device Control Plus, you need not spend time and effort keeping track of potential threats. Device Control Plus is based on a zero-trust model where only when the admin grants access only to verified devices will the devices be allowed within the network.

Insightful reports and audit settings

Comprehensive reports are generated using Device Control Plus. Gain insights on the device details and reports on sensitive file access for auditing. You can customize the file and device report retention period, which includes monitoring the file actions such as file creation, opening, renaming, deleting, modifying, moving, and copying.

Why is device control important?

Having control over the peripheral devices accessing the critical enterprise data from your endpoints is a necessity. With Device Control Plus, a detailed device control solution, you have a firm handle over external device access. As your organization’s data is extremely valuable, you need to maximize data protection by allowing only the devices you trust to connect to your network. Although there are many device control solutions, one that focuses more efficiently on preventing insider attacks and restricted access resulting in data leakage is highly beneficial for your enterprise.

Beyond data protection, here are a few reasons why your enterprise can benefit from Device Control Plus

  • Awareness of which user and what device is accessing your network is essential.
  • Malware can exist on empty drives, making identifying malicious devices more difficult, and can be notified with customizable alert settings.
  • As malware exploits the very design of a device itself, identified device threats cannot be patched, which can be countered with an appropriate block policy.
  • With ever-increasing business demands, temporary access to peripherals goes a long way in aiding productivity.

Device Control Plus can reduce your operational costs, lower your security budget, and make adhering to compliance regulations a breeze. Download a free, 30-day trial of Device Control Plus and try out these features today!