Gain in-depth insight with respect to all device and file actions in your network.

Identify the signs of policy infringement or hacker activity within your network using Device Control Plus by immediately pinpointing suspicious devices and users that try to extract your data via removable media.

Device and file audits at your fingertips.

Which device attempted to connect to your endpoints? Who tried to connect it? When did they connect? With Device Control Plus' clear-cut audit reports, you can track all device, user, and file activities from a single console.

Schedule and receive reports at your convenience.

Schedule reports daily, monthly or weekly based on your preference and receive them in your mail. You may want to use these reports to perform further analysis such as studying the user and device behavior patterns.

Meticulous reports for the latest information.

You don't need to hunt through the entire audit report to determine the latest device activities. Use the device summary section to analyze recent device activities quickly. Gain acute awareness of the last connected device, user, computer, action performed, and more with simplified reports.

Monitor file movements continuously.

With the file tracing feature, you don't need a separate software to trace what files are leaving your enterprise, which are coming in, where they're going, etc. Detailed reports of all file actions will be provided out-of-box, at a whim. The data will include salient information such as the devices, users, computers and files involved in each operation.

Preserve shadow copies of transferred files for enhanced remedial security.

File shadow reports will include mirror copies of all the files that have been transferred via removable media. In the event of any data emergency, the file shadow audits can be utilized to identify the exact content of potentially compromised files and can aid in formulating effective remediation measures.

View reports and audits smartly.

Apply filters are based on device type, user, file event type and more to enable smart view. This can help you efficiently find the specific information you are looking for which makes for a convenient inspection of network trends and activities.

Archive audit data for effective report management.

Each report type can be retained for an admin-specified period depending on your organization's data analysis requirements. More granular report retention settings are also available, such as choosing to retain file tracing reports based on certain file action types only and, with device audit reports, anytime a blocked device attempts access, those details can also be sent via mail to quickly alert security personnel.

Also, the report types (device logs, file tracing and file shadowing audits) can be archived for an extended user specified time that is in addition to the retention period configured for them individually. For effective storage space management, a share path with 'Everyone' access should be configured for an seamless data restoration and viewing.


To spot and remediate insider attacks on the go download a free, 30-day trial of Device Control Plus and try out these features for yourself.