Get your work done with third-party devices when required.

An employee or a subcontractor or a vendor may want to use a peripheral device to complete their day to day tasks. However, that should not stop you and your business from staying secure. Since it is hard to identify the intent of these devices, allowing them to have temporary access when required strikes the right balance between simple IT management and safe USB operations.

Make it easy and safe for your business to deal with third-party devices.

Unlike the trusted device policy, temporary access policy is designed to grant access and assign permission to devices only for a shorter period. This means that you do not have to permanently block USB devices to ensure zero trust.

Every instance of temporary access requires your approval.

Get notified every time an unauthorized device tries to access your endpoint. Create temporary access policies instantly and grant access to the device when a user puts in a request and ensure that no device connection can happen without your approval. 

Grant access to devices outside your network.

For offline devices, generate an access code and email it to the user to enable them access the required computers for a specific period.  If your employee wants immediate access to complete a certain task within a definite time frame, you can utilize the "Window" option to specify the start and end time within which their device can access the endpoints. Additionally, you can grant temporary access in advance for a specific length of time. This will allow the end user to use the device anytime required until the specified duration expires.

Benefits of Temporary Access.

Eliminate excess devices with access to sensitive data.

Your data grows as your business grows. Minimizing the number of users and devices with excessive access privileges to sensitive data is one of the crucial steps to prevent insider threats and malware attacks. Implementing temporary access enables strict scheduled access for the devices.

Manage emergency access.

Certain subcontracted personnel or non-employees may need to have immediate access at times. You can grant temporary access to the devices of these individuals so that they can access what they want when they want.


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