Gain in-depth awareness of the data activities in your network with just a few clicks.

Data awareness is crucial for successful data management. Because data trends and user requirements are constantly changing, in turn data policies have to evolve to accommodate these changes. For this, Endpoint DLP Plus offers a multitude of comprehensive reports to track and stay up to date with your network performance. Furthermore, it provides actionable insights to decide precisely which security measures should be implemented or improved to best protect and handle your sensitive information.

Endpoint DLP Plus offers numerous pre-defined DLP reports for forensic analysis.

Justification summary

This audit includes reasons that trusted users have given in order to justify overriding an enforced DLP policy. When attempting to override a restriction, users will be prompted for reasons, they can give their own explanation or pick one of these: they are transferring a personal document, the client is outside the organization or they have gotten prior approval from their manager. This report can be filtered based on these options.

Enterprise perimeter requests

This report includes any request sent to the admin to change or modify existing boundary restrictions. Overriding is only permitted for high-level users so ordinary employees have to provide a reason first and wait for admin approval. All these requests will be logged here for easy review.

False positive summary

To err on the side of caution, DLP policies are set to encompass many different endpoints and users. At times, this leads to data which isn't actually sensitive being marked as such. In these cases, users can let the admin when there is a false positive so that policies can be modified if necessary. All the false positive notifications can be browsed here.

Endpoint activity report

This report enables thorough inspection of user behavior within the network. The audits can be narrowed down according to each computer or user, what type of activity it was related to (file upload, transfer etc) and the Endpoint DLP Plus permission level the action was associated with (allowed, blocked, self-override, reported as false positive).

Easy navigation designed for quick searches and extensive assessments

Dashboard info-graphics are displayed in the homepage for admins looking for a quick overview of data-related activities. For in-depth evaluation of network performance, the above reports can be availed and for efficiency smart audit filters are provided to help quickly find the required information.

Report archival and retention

All sensitive event-based reports can be saved for future reference and exported as CSV format for auditing purposes. You can archive reports of events predated 15 days, and these file reports can be retained for an additional 15 days.

Maintain DLP event data for future audits

Sensitive data auditing is a crucial point in various compliance standards and government regulations. Hence, it is significant to maintain DLP event data such as policy breaches, sensitive data distribution, false positives, and business justification override for audit purposes. Endpoint DLP Plus can archive DLP events in a specific file path for an extended period of time without consuming much database storage.

Schedule reports for consistent updates

For convenience, reports can be generated according to a particular time table and then sent via email.

Customizable reports

Endpoint DLP Plus provides an ability to retrieve the required information from the database using the Query Report. This might be useful in cases where you require information other than what is given in the pre-defined reports. All query reports can be saved for future reference and exported to CSV format for further processing.