Cloud upload protection: Prevent data leakage by monitoring data uploads on cloud storage

Endpoint DLP Plus monitors the content of the file as well as the destination of the upload and restricts the upload if needed. Every time a new file is created or modified, Endpoint DLP Plus scans the file for sensitive data. If sensitive data is present in the file, the relevant policy is associated with it. The file is then synchronized and uploaded to the cloud if the policy allows it. This gives the organization authority over what data is being uploaded on the cloud.

When end users upload organizational data to their private cloud storage, it can lead to accidental or intentional data leakage. While blocking file uploads altogether can mitigate this risk, this is not an efficient solution, especially in bring-your-own-device environments where employees utilize the same devices for personal and professional use.

Endpoint DLP Plus aims to solve this dilemma by allowing company data to be uploaded only to enterprise-approved cloud applications. All major cloud storage services including GoogleDrive, DropBox, Box, and iCloud are supported.

Enforcing data security on cloud platforms

Cloud storage happens to be a convenient method to back up an individual's or an organization's data. Data stored on the cloud can be easily accessed any time and from any device, making collaboration effortless, especially in remote work conditions. It is no question that cloud storage has been a game changer when it comes to storing and retrieving files in an organization, however, with easier access to data comes greater threats to security. Although cloud storage services adopt best practices such as data encryption and authentication, sometimes they are not sufficient due to the sheer volume of data present on the cloud.

A substantial amount of sensitive information belonging to individuals and enterprises is stored on the cloud, and if security is compromised, it could lead to data breaches, malware attacks, and more. This is why it is critical to ensure that files containing sensitive information are not exposed to data leaks. In just a few clicks, admins can manage all cloud uploads with Endpoint DLP Plus.