Instant reports on key management activities

Instant, comprehensive reports on all key management activities.

Reports play a huge role in helping administrators make informed business decisions. They do so by giving the administrator visibility over all activities carried out using Key Manager Plus. In addition to an auditing tool, which records all operations performed, administrators need a tool that categorizes the obtained data and makes it more readable and sensible. This helps users not only track the activities carried out, but also make quick inferences and better decisions.

Key Manager Plus gives you exactly what you need, when you need it. With intuitive reports on various categories, you get a wide, in-depth view of all key management activities in your organization.

For SSH key management, you can use Key Manager Plus to report on:

  • SSH resources
  • Private keys
  • Private key rotation
  • Public key deployment
  • Server access
  • SSH users

For SSL certificate management, you can use Key Manager Plus to report on:

  • SSL certificates
  • SSL certificate requests
  • SSL certificate expiry
  • Certificate deployment
  • Wildcard certificate deployment
  • Certificates deployed on multiple servers
  • AD user certificates
  • SHA-1 certificates
  • Let's Encrypt certificates
  • Let's Encrypt certificate requests
  • SSL Vulnerability
  • Microsoft Certificate Authority auto-renewal

Additionally, you can use Key Manager Plus to report on all keys, audits, and keystores common to both SSH keys and SSL certificate management.

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